High-impact of weather and climate events in March 2010


The information summarized has been culled from international press reports and is indicative only. For official information, including final statistics, readers are advised to contact the National Meteorological Service of the country in question.

Heavy rains, floods, flash floods, landslide, monsoon, storm, lightning
Australia, UAE Uganda, USA

Over 100,000 homes suffered from power failure and travel schedules cancelled in Sydney when freak storm struck the city of Perth, causing severe flooding and landslides.

Rare rainfall in the Emirates caused traffic jams, car accidents, flooding and school closures as parts of the Gulf desert state received record precipitation.

At least 80 people died of landslide in the eastern part of the country.

Violent storms caused damage in parts of Charlotte, North Carolina, injuring a number of people as metal roofs of buildings were ripped off and dozens of homes and countless trees knocked down.

Haze, dusty storm
Brunei, China, Nigeria

El NiƱo phenomenon triggered fears of haze and bad air quality in the Sultanate.

Tons of sand turned Beijing's sky orange as the strongest sandstorm so far in the year hit northern part making the air quality bad for health.

Haze dust triggered by the yearly Sahara desert Harmattan engulfed downtown Lagos, the business nerve center of the country, creating poor visibility for motorists and pedestrians.

China, Kenya, Philippines, Singapore

The worst drought in 60 years affected large swathes of southwest population of more than 50 million. The provinces and regions of Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou and Yunnan and the municipality of Chongqing were short of drinking water.

The Government was forced to put the state on high alert to deal with the prolonged drought that badly affected crop yields across the nation.

Severe drought and scorching heat devastated more than a dozen provinces, drying up rivers and reducing water levels in lakes behind hydroelectric dams.

Hot weather in the country made authorities wonder if the country's water supply was sufficient to cope with future water demands of the reservoirs.

Forest fire
Vietnam, Taiwan

Drought-driven forest fires in the country destroyed over 1,600 hectares of forest which was greater than the entire area burned in 2008 or 2009.

Snow, Blizzard, Avalanche

At least seven people were killed and a dozen others injured in snow-linked accidents in Regensburg.

Bahamas, USA

At least three people were killed and four others injured by a tornado triggered by fierce thunderstorm at the Freeport Container Port on the western side of Grand Bahama.

Tornadoes struck parts of Arkansas, injured four people and destroyed several homes.

Cyclone Ului

Ului struck the north Queensland coast, ripping roofs off scores of homes, driving boats ashore and cutting power to thousands of properties.


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