High-impact of weather and climate events in September 2005


The information summarized has been culled from international press reports and is indicative only. For official information, including final statistics, readers are advised to contact the National Meteorological Service of the country in question.

Drought - France
The drought in France severely affected growth of wheat and maize. The most affected regions were on the Atlantic coast.
Floods, heavy rains, lightning, landslides - Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran (Islamic Republic of), Japan, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, Viet Nam 

Flash floods caused by torrential rains killed at least seven people and damaged several houses in eastern Afghanistan. 

About 50 people died and hundreds of fishermen unaccounted for after a severe storm in the Bay of Bengal. 

Heavy downpours killed at least 36 people and thousands fled their homes as swollen rivers flooded their banks in southwestern India.

Iran, Islamic Republic of
Floods spawned by heavy rains damaged 100 houses in the city of Meshkinshahr, Ardebil Province, north-western Iran. The floods also damaged roads, factories and gardens and killed livestock.

Intense rains experienced throughout southern Mexico and parts of Central America caused many rivers to overflow their banks, killing at least three people and forcing thousands to flee their homes. 

Some 60 families were displaced and rendered homeless by floods in Chitral district. 

Sixteen people died in a landslide.

Six people were killed in floods in south-eastern Romania, damaging hundreds of homes and disrupting traffic on the Black Sea shore. 

At least seven lives were lost in a landslide. 

Viet Nam
Seasonal floods killed at least five people in the southern Mekong Delta and led to the evacuation of over 28 000 people to higher ground.  

Severe storms  - China, Fiji, Japan, USA, Viet Nam 

China - Typhoon Kanun
At least seven people died when Typhoon Kanun hit Zhejiang, south of Shanghai, on 11 September.  More than a million were forced to evacuate. The typhoon affected 7.056 million people, flattened 19,332 houses and caused US$ 993.8 million of direct losses in.

China and Viet Nam (Philippines and Thailand)
Typhoon Damrey
Typhoon Damrey was the strongest storm to hit the Chinese island of Hainan in decades. It killed nine people, forced more than 170 000 from their homes, flattened houses and severely damaged crops. Damrey then struck Viet Nam, killing some 70 people. More  than 300 000 people were evacuated in advance.  The death toll was put at 120 in the countries affected by Damrey: China, Thailand, the Philippines and especially Viet Nam.

A freak storm hit Suva, wreaking havoc to medical services and resulting in the closure of a number of schools and businesses.

Typhoon Nabi pummelled south-western Japan with torrential rain and high winds, causing floods and landslides, causing traffic chaos and forcing people to flee their homes. One person died and 10 others were injured. 

Typhoon Songda killed about 40 people and injured 900 in Hokkaido and western Japan.

Katrina, Ophelia, Rita

At least 1,036 deaths were attributed to Katrina across the Gulf Coast region and 350 000 families were left homeless. Property damage was estimated at US$ 1.3 billion in  Louisiana and US$ 1.1 billion in Mississippi.

More than 1 million people along the Texas coast fled at the approach of Hurricane Rita. About 100 people were killed and many missing in the small towns along the west Louisiana coast. Most of the victims died while preparing for the storm or fleeing from it. At least 80 000 homes and business in North Carolina suffered from severe power failure as a result of Ophelia



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