High-impact of weather and climate events in September 2007


The information summarized has been culled from international press reports and is indicative only. For official information, including final statistics, readers are advised to contact the National Meteorological Service of the country in question.

Heavy rains, floods, flash floods, lightning, landslides, mudslides and monsoon
Bangladesh, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nepal, Nigeria, Romania, Slovenia, Sudan, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom

At least 15 boats sank in a storm in the Bay of Bengal, with about 100 people missing in floodwaters and forcing thousands to take refuge in camps near Dhaka.

Floodwaters from torrential rains caused several homes to collapse.

At least 3.5 million people in the north-east were left homeless with over 2000 villages submerged in flooding caused by heavy rains.

Floods from torrential rains killed at least 80 people and displaced thousands of others.

Landslides and floods triggered by torrential rains killed at least 15 people.

At least one person died with five others missing when the River Niger and River Anambra overflowed their banks.

Floods caused by torrential rains killed at least seven people in the eastern part and rendered several others homeless in Vrancea, Bacau and Vaslui.

Five people died in floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains.

About 131 died and over 200 000 people were left homeless with many villages in the south isolated by flooding.

At least 88 people were killed in a plane crash during landing in heavy rain in the tourist resort of Phuket.

At least 200 people were killed by floods and many had to take refuge in makeshift camps across northern and eastern parts of the country.

Australia, China, Hungry, Sudan

Drought slashed crop yield by 31 per cent with a possibility of cutting the 2008 wine grape harvest by more than half.

Shijiazhuang, a provincial capital of more than two million people, suffered severe water shortages as the water table sank. Municipal wells drained two-thirds of the local groundwater.

The maize crop was cutby several million tonnes as a result of drought.

Desert locusts invaded and destroyed several crops in a remote flood-hit area near the Eritrean border.

United Kingdom, USA

United Kingdom
A series of tornadoes hit central and southern England, tearing off the roof tiles and bringing down trees.

Some 150 homes were damaged in Cape Coral, Florida, by a powerful tornado that swept in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Severe Storm
Tropical storm Melissa

Melissa, the 13th named Atlantic storm this year caused no threat to land as it weakened into a tropical depression in the eastern Atlantic Ocean.

Tropical storm Lekima
Philippines, Viet Nam

Lekima triggered floods and waves, killed nine people with one other missing.

Viet Nam
Torrential rains and high winds triggered by Lekima killed at least seven people and damaged hundreds of homes with disruption to air, sea and rail transport.

Tropical storm Wipha

With heavy rains and high winds, Wipha toppled hundreds of homes and knocked out power and water supplies in eastern China.

Hurricane Humberto

Humberto triggered heavy rain on three states, cutting power to thousands and flooding roads in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

Hurricane Felix
Nicaragua, Honduras

At least 100 people died when hurricane Felix struck the Caribbean coast.

Thousands of tourists fled low-lying areas on the Caribbean coast to escape strong winds and torrential rains.

Hurricane Henrriette

Henriette, with heavy rain and winds killed seven people on the Pacific coast.

Typhoon Nari
Republic of Korea

At least six people were killed and four were reported missing in the island of Cheju.

Typhoon Fitow

Fitow was the biggest typhoon to hit Tokyo since October 2002. Heavy rain caused the death of at least two people and injured others. Tens of thousands of residents were left without power.

Subtropical Storm Gabrielle

The seventh named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season triggered heavy rainfall with some damage.

Typhoon Miwa Suzuki

At least one person died and 50 others made homeless in torrential downpours and violent winds in the Tokyo region.


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