High-impact of weather and climate events in September 2009

The information summarized has been culled from international press reports and is indicative only. For official information, including final statistics, readers are advised to contact the National Meteorological Service of the country in question.


Heavy rains, floods, flash floods, landslides, monsoons, storms, lightning
Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of Congo, Niger, Sierra Leone, Turkey, USA

Burkina Faso
At least eight people were killed and about 150 000 forced out of their homes due to unusually severe rains.

Democratic Republic of Congo
Lightning during torrential rains killed three people in Tshimbulu district, Tshidimba and Kazadi.

Two days of heavy rainfall that broke the banks of Abaga dam (northeast of Agadez) killed five people and severely damaged infrastructure in Agadez.

Sierra Leone
Flooding and landslides killed at least 103 people and destroyed over 450 houses.

The heaviest rain in 80 years killed at least 31 people in low-lying areas in the north-west. Several houses in Istanbul were smashed and highways turned into fast-flowing rivers.

Flooding triggered by torrents of water swept cars off streets in Los Angeles, California, while nine people died in flooding in northern Georgia that caused US$ 250 million worth of damage to property and tens of millions of dollars damage to infrastructure.

Congo, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, Somalia, Uganda

Drought affected at least 23 million east Africans in seven countries, increasing severe hunger and poverty in the region. The most severely hit countries were Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and Uganda.

Papua New Guinea
The worst drought in decades hit the island.

Some 2.5 million people in the country were affected by the worst drought to hit the Central American country in 30 years.

Animals died in drought-affected lands across the country, impacting tens of thousands of nomadic herders.

Dust storm

A dust storm across eastern parts of the country disrupted the ransport system in Sydney and placed health authorities on alert for widespread respiratory illness.

Tropical Storm Koppu

Nine people died and nine others were reported missing after Typhoon Koppu hit southern China, causing torrential rain, mudslides and an oil spill.

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dust storm

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