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Upcoming events




16-27 May

Regional Training Seminar for National Instructors of RA II and RA V

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

23-27 May

Sixth Southern Hemisphere Workshop on Public Weather Services

Melbourne, Australia

23-27 May

ICAM/MAP 2005—28th International Conference on Alpine Meteorology and Annual Scientific Meeting of th Mesoscale Alpine Programme  (co-sponsored by WMO)

Zadar, Croatia

25-31 May

Fourteenth International TOVS Study Conference (ITSC-XIV) (co-sponsored by WMO)

Beijing, China

1-3 June

Thirteenth session of the GCOS Steering Committee

St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

14-16 June

Workshop on Climatic Analysis and Mapping for Agriculture

Bologna, Italy

20-24 June

Fifth International GEWEX Conference

Orange County, CA, USA

20-24 June

The Aviation Seminar (co-sponsored by WMO)

Exeter, UK

20 June

Fifty-fourth session of the WMO Bureau


20 June

Financial Advisory Committee (FINAC)—twenty-fourth session


21 June-1 July

Executive Council—fifty-seventh session


13-16 July

Regional Technical Meeting on CLIPS and Agrometeorological Applications for the Mercosur Countries

Sao Paulo, Brazil

25-29 July

Third Regional Workshop on Storm Surge and Wave Forecasting A Hand-on Forecast Training Laboratory

Beijing, China

8-19 August

CLIPS Focal Point Training Workshop for RA III

Lima, Peru

20 Aug.-9 Sept.

Thirteenth Brazilian Meteorological Congress

Fortaleza (Ceara), Brazil

5-6 September

Technical Conference on International Cooperation in Meteorology and Hydrology in RA VI

Heidelberg, Germany

5-9 September

WWRP International Symposium on Nowcasting and Very Short-Range Forecasting

Toulouse, France

7-15 September

Regional Association VI (Europe)—fourteenth session

Heidelberg, Germany

19-23 September

International Workshop on Flash Flood Forecasting (co-sponsored by WMO)

San José, Costa Rica

19-28 September

Joint WMO/IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology—second session

Halifax (Nova Scotia), Canada

26-29 September

SPARC Scientific Steering Group—thirteenth session

Oxford, United Kingdom

24-28 October

CliC Scientific Steering Group—second session

Boulder, CO, USA


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