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Upcoming events




15-19 May Training Workshop on Upper-air Observations for RA III Buenos Aires, Argentina
22 May Integrated Global Observing Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P) Theme Leaders Meeting Geneva
23 May IGOS-P13th session  Geneva
24 May IGOS-P Geo-Hazards Theme Working Group Meeting Geneva
29 May-2 June  Baseline Surface Radiation Network Committeeninth session

Lindenberg, Germany

29 May-2 June CBS OPAG/PWS Expert Team on Communication Aspects  Dubrovnic, Croatia
4-8 June Second International Symposium on Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting and Hydrology Boulder, CO, USA
12-16 June  Sixth International Conference on Urban Climate  Gteborg, Sweden
co-sponsored by WMO)
Gteborg, Sweden
12-16 June  Meeting of the CBS OPAG/PWS Expert Team on Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (ET/DPM) Beijing, China
19 June  Fifty-sixth session of the WMO Bureau    Geneva
20-30 June  Executive Council fifth-eighth session    Geneva
26-30 June  The Aviation Seminar      Exeter, United Kingdom
3-6 July   CIMO Management Groupthird session    Geneva
3-7 July   CBS/Implementation Coordination Team on ISS                    Geneva
5-7 July   International Workshop on Antarctic Sea-Ice Thickness       Hobbart, Australia
10-12 July CLIVAR Variability of the African Climate System (VACS) Workshop on eastern and Southern African Climate Variability (co-sponsored by WMO)


Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania
17-21 July WMO Conference on Living Climate Climate Variability and  Change:  Understanding the Uncertainties and Managing the Risk Espoo (Helsinki), Finland
28-30 July Second session of the WCRP Observations and Assimilation Panel Ispra, Italy
4-8 September Joint Meeting of the Expert Team on Satellie Utilization and Products (ET-SUP) and Expert Team on Satellite Systems (ET-SAT)  Geneva
7-13 September Regional Association III (South America) fourteenth session       Lima, Peru
18-22 September Tenth WMO Symposium on Education and Training, "Meteorological and Hydrological Education and Training for Disaster Prevention and Mitigation"   
Nanjing, China
23 September Meeting of Directors of WMO Regional Meteorological Training Centres Nanjing, China
4-10 October  Fifteenth International TOVS Study Conference (ITSC-XV)            (co-sponsored by WMO) Matera, Italy
16-19 October  Fourteenth session of the SPARC Project Scientific Steering Group      Boulder, CO, USA
28 October - 
3 November     
Commission for Agricultural Meteorologyfourteenth session (co-sponsored by WMO) New Delhi, India

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