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Fifty years ago...

Items appearing in WMO Bulletin 3 (4), October 1954
  • The fifth session of the WMO Executive Committee was held from 25 August to 11 September. It was largely concerned with preparations for the Second Congress which was scheduled to open on 14 April 1955.
  • The new Headquarters building of the East African Meteorological Department was opened in Nairobi, Kenya, on 7 July. Mr D. A. Davies, Director of the Meteorological Department and president of WMO Regional Association I (Africa), gave an address. The Meteorological Department was founded in 1929.
  • Austria submitted a formal application to become a Member of the Organization on 9 September.
  • Subjects of two of the feature articles were: “Applied meteorology and electric power supply” and “The weather and human comfort in dwellings”.

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