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Upcoming events

4-6 December 2004
Second Regional Seminar on Cost Recovery and Administration in RA II (Asia), Hong Kong, China

6-10 December 2004
International Core Steering Committee for THORPEX—4th session, Montreal, Canada

6-10 December 2004
The First THORPEX International Science Symposium, Montreal, Canada

6 to 17 December 2004
Tenth session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Buenos Aires, Argentina,

7-15 December 2004
Regional Association II (Asia)—13th session, Hong Kong, China

14-17 December 2004
Meeting of the RA IV Working Group on Agricultural Meteorology, Christ Church, Barbados,

9-13 January 2005
85th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society—Building the Earth Information System, San Diego, California, USA

10-14 January 2005
Mauritius International Meeting on Small Island Developing States, Mauritius

18-22 January 2005
World Conference on Disaster Reduction, Kobe, Japan

24-25 January 2005
WMO Consultative Meeting on High-level Policy on Satellite Matters—5th session, Geneva

24-29 January 2005
RA III/IV Training Workshop on Ensemble Prediction Systems, Brasilia, Brazil

1-27 February 2005
WMO Intercomparison of High Quality Radiosonde Systems, Vacoas, Mauritius

9-12 February 2005
JCOMM Management Committee—4th session, Paris, France,

15-18 February 2005
Expert Team on Impact of Climate Change/Variability and Medium- to-Long-Range Predictions for Agriculture, Brisbane, Australia

21-22 February 2005
CBS Technical Conference on Public Weather Services, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

21-23 February 2005
Meeting of the Implementation Coordination Team on Impacts of Climate Change/Variability and Natural Disasters on Agriculture, Auckland, New Zealand

21-24 February 2005
Working Meeting of the CCl Expert Team to Develop Guidance on Climate Watches, Brasilia, Brazil

21-26 February 2005
WMO/ESCAP Panel on Tropical Cyclones—32nd session, New Delhi, India

23 February-3 March 2005
Commission for Basic Systems—13th session, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

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