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Recently issued

Water resources as a challenge of the twenty-first century
(WMO-No. 959)
by M. Abu-Zeid and I.A. Shiklomanov
2004; v + 146 pp
ISBN: 92-63-10959-1
Price: CHF 60.-

The Tenth IMO Lecture is on the subject "Water resources as a challenge of the twenty-first century". An in-depth study of current and projected issues related to hydrology and water resources from a scientific, policy and socio-economic development perspective.

Sixth WMO Long-term Plan (2004-2011) (WMO-No. 962)
2004; 92 pp.
[E] - [ F ] - [ R ] - [ S ] (A and C in preparation)
ISBN: 92-63-10962-1
Price: CHF 45.-

The Sixth WMO Long-term Plan covers the eight-year period 2004-2011. This strategy-oriented publication gives a broad outlook of WMO's priorities and sets out the planned activities of WMO Programmes. The Plan provides guidance to Member countries for the formulation of their own development plans in meteorology, hydrology and related environmental fields, including their applications. It includes a clear, detailed plan for the first four years. For the second four years, the Plan provides further guidance and describes prospects for the future.

WMO statement on the status of the global climate in 2003
2004; 12 pp.
[E] - [ F ] - [ R ] - [ S ]
ISBN: 92-63-10966-4
Price: CHF 15.-

A 12-page booklet, illustrated with graphic analyses, issued annually to describe the evolution and fluctuations of the climate system on global and regional scales.

Management strategies in agriculture and forestry for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate variability and climate change (WMO-No. 969)
Technical Note No. 202
2004; xv + 165 pp.
ISBN : 92-63-10969-9
Price: CHF 30.-

This report presents examples of the impacts of adaptation strategies required for reducing vulnerability of agriculture and forestry to climate variability and climate change. It also presents information on the impacts of the conversion of forests into crop and rangelands and examples of the impact of management strategies to mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions on agroecosystems.

Weather, climate and water in the information age (WMO-No. 970)
2004; 36 pp
[E] - [ F ] - [ R ] - [ S ]
ISBN: 92-63-10970-2
Price: CHF 15.-

The spectacular achievements made in weather forecasting, climate prediction and water assessments over the past few years have been underpinned by progress in telecommunications and information technologies. This booklet looks at these technologies and how they are applied for human benefit in the areas of weather forecasting, climate projections, natural disaster preparedness-and mitigation, water management, the environment, human health and energy.

Water and disasters—Be informed and be prepared (WMO-No. 971)
2004; 32 pp
[E] - [ A ] - [ F ]
ISBN: 92-63-10971-0
Price: CHF 15.-

The theme for World Water Day in 2004 was "Water and disasters". The spread of information across all sectors of society is necessary for the issue of warnings and to enable communities to prepare themselves to deal with natural disasters. This booklet presents the scientific information behind the various forms of water-related disasters, the adverse impacts they may have, and what may be done to prevent and reduce these impacts and to improve human well-being and socio-economic progress.

Fourteenth World Meteorological Congress (2003)—-Proceedings (WMO-No. 972)
2004; xxiv + 77 pp.
[E] - [F in preparation ]
ISBN : 92-63-10972-9
Price: CHF 26.-

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