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Recently issued

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WHYCOS guidelines
(WMO/TD-No. 1282)
vi + 38 pp.
Price: CHF 30


Climate knowlegde for adaptation and sustainable development
(WMO-No. 994)
16 pp.
ISBN 92-63-10994-X
Price: CHF 15

Applications of climate to health, safety, tourism and urban life


Climate and land degradation
(WMO-No. 989)
[E] and [F]
32 pp.
ISBN 92-63-10989-3
Price: CHF 15

This brochure which WMO produced especially for COP-7 of UNCCD, highlights the importance of different climatic factors that contribute to land degradation around the world.


The Aral Sea: Water, climate and environment change in Central Asia (WMO-No. 982)
[E] [R]
196 pp.
ISBN 92-63-10982-6
Price: CHF 25

The crisis of the Aral Sea, a slow-onset, creeping environmental problem, is one of the worst human-made environmental crises of the 20th century. This book reveals the history and aims to help prevent similar situations in future.


Executive Council—57th session (2005). Abridged final report with resolutions
(WMO-No. 988)
[A] [C] [F] [R] and [S] in preparation
vi + 948 pp.
ISBN 92-63-10988-5
Price: CHF 20


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