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World Climate News No. 26 (January 2005)
12 pp.
[E] and [F]

Theme: 25th anniversary of the World Climate Programme
Printed version free upon request from the WMO Secretariat.
Electronic version (pdf):

Guide to Practices for Meteorological Offices Serving Aviation  (WMO-No. 732)
Second edition; vii + 70 pp.
[E] - 
[ F ] - [ R ] - [ S ]

ISBN : 92-63-12732-8
Price: CHF 26.-

The guide contains sections on the broad functioning of a meteorological office serving aviation, the functions of a meteorological watch office, automation and centralization, training of aeronautical personnel, the location and layout of offices and general administration and office routine.

Technical Regulations (WMO-No. 49)
Volume II — Meteorological service for international air navigation

2004 edition; loose-leaf; updated by supplements when necessary

[E] - [ C ] -
[ F ] - [ R ] - [ S ]

ISBN : 92-63-18049-0

Price: CHF 70.-

Saving paradise, ensuring sustainable development (WMO-No. 973)
2005; iv + 28 pp.
[E] [F in preparation] 
ISBN: 92-63-10973-7
Price: CHF 15.-

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are highly vulnerable to weather- and climate-related phenomena such as tropical cyclones, flooding and sea-level rise. Environmental degradation is another real threat to their water resources and coastal and marine ecosystems, while the economic mainstays of fishing and tourism are also at risk from these factors. This brochure was a contribution to the International Meeting on SIDS (Mauritius, January 2005). It explains the problems faced by SIDS and how meteorological and hydrological information can contribute to their sustainable development.

Weather, climate, water and sustainable development (WMO-No. 974)
2004; 32 pp.

[E] -
[ F ] - [ S ]

ISBN: 92-63-10974-8
Price: CHF 15.-

Weather, climate and water influence virtually all human activities, so almost every sector of the economy-health, energy, transport, food security, management of water, tourism-needs meteorological and hydrological services. This booklet shows how the application of weather-, climate- and water-related information can contribute to the socio-economic development of nations-especially those of the developing world-and the well-being of their populations. 

We care for our climate (WMO-No. 975)
2004; 34 pp.

[E] -
[ F ] - [ S ]

ISBN: 92-63-10975-3
Price: CHF 15.-

Some of the scientific facts and findings concerning climate change are presented in cartoon-strip form as a means of educating young people (7-77 years) in an entertaining and attractive way about environmental degradation caused by climate change and global warming, and the actions that can be undertaken by them and their families to attenuate these negative impacts.

Working together for a safer world (WMO-No. 976)
2004; 28 pp.

[ F ] – [F] - [ R ] - [ S ]

ISBN: 92-63-10976-1
Price: CHF 15.-

This brochure was prepared as a contribution to the World Conference on Disaster Reduction (Kobe, Japan, January 200%). It provides information on WMO’s activities and capabilities as related to the natural disaster management community and the general public. 

Executive Council, fifty-sixth session (2004)— abridged final report with resolutions (WMO-No. 977)

2004; vi + 137 pp.

[ A ] – [E] -
[ F ] - (C - R - S in preparation)

ISBN: 92-63-10977-X

Price: CHF 35.-


THORPEX: A Global Atmospheric Research Programme (WMO-No. 978)
2004; 16 pp.
ISBN: 92-63-10978-6
Price: CHF 15.-

This brochure provides a general overview of the THORPEX programme, including its objectives, outcomes, structure and membership. THORPEX demonstration projects attempt to increase the number of positive social and economic outcomes that result from the implementation of forecasting tools and techniques.

Commission for Hydrology, twelfth session (2004)—abridged final report with resolutions and recommendations (WMO-No. 979)
2004; iv + 55 pp.
ISBN 92-63-10979-6
Price: CHF 20.-

A CD-ROM containing electronic versions of 49 out-of-print WMO “Blue Series” training publications (pdf files) in meteorology and operational hydrology is now available.  The publications are in Arabic, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

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