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Upcoming events 

16-24 February Commission for Atmospheric Sciences14th session Cape Town, South Africa
20-22 February Task Team on the GOS Regulatory Material Geneva
20-24 February Media Training Workshop Geneva
20-24 February Expert Team on Accreditation and Certification Geneva
  in Meteorological Education and Trainingsecond session  
22-24 February RA I Working Group on Climate Matters Dakar, Senegal
26 February- Fifth International Implementation Planning Meeting Paris, France
1 March for the Coordinated Enhanced Observing Period  
27 February-3 March CHy Advisory Working Groupsecond session Melbourne, Australia
28 February-3 March Implementation Coordination Meeting on Specific Communication Techniques and on the GTS in RA I Dakar, Senegal
6-9 March RA V Working Group on Agricultural Meteorology Bukittingi-West, Sumatra, Indonesia
13-17 March International Conference on Flood Forecasting (co-sponsored by WMO) San Jos, Costa Rica
22-24 March Meeting of the Expert Group on PWS Public Education Geneva
27-30 March EC Working Group on Long-term Planningsecond session Geneva
3-7 April GCOS/WCRP Atmospheric Observation Panel for Climate12th session Geneva
4-7 April WWRP/THORPEX Health Demo Project Team Kick--off Meeting and WWRP/THORPEX Health Application Workshop Geneva
8-12 April WMO/FAO Regional Training Workshop for the Anglophone Countries on Meteorological Information for Locust Monitoring and Control Muscat, Oman
10-21 April RA II/RA V Regional Training Seminar on GDPFS Products and Improvement of PWS for Early Warnings and Emergency Response Teheran, Islamic Republic of Iran
19-22 April CLIVAR Scientific Steering Group14th session Buenos Aires, Argentina
24-26 April WMO/ACCENT Expert Workshop on Chemical Data Assimilation in Forecast and Reanalysis Models Relevant to IGACO Geneva
24-28 April EC Working Group on the Evolution of NMHSs and WMOfirst session Geneva
24-28 April Eighth International Winds Workshop Beijing, China
8-12 May Training Workshop on Upper-air Observations Buenos Aires, Argentina
8-12 May PWS Expert Team on Services and Products Improvement New York, USA
8-19 May Regional Training Seminar for National Trainers of RA VI Alanya, Turkey
9-16 May Regional Association V (South-West Pacific)14th session Adelaide, Australia
15-19 May Training Workshop on Upper-air Observations for RA III Buenos Aires, Argentina
22 May Integrated Global Observing Strategy Partnership (IGOS-P) Theme Leaders Meeting Geneva
23 May IGOS-P13th session Geneva
24 May IGOS-P Geo-Hazards Theme Working Group Meeting Geneva
29 May-2 June CBS OPAG/PWS Expert Team on Communication Aspects Dubrovnic, Croatia
29 May-2 June Baseline Surface Radiation Network Committeeninth session Lindenberg, Germany



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