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WMO Statement on the Status of the Global Climate in 2004
(WMO-No. 983)

12 pp.
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This year’s statement (WMO-No. 983) describes the climatic conditions, including extreme weather events, for the year 2004 and provides a historical perspective of some of the variability and trends that have occurred since the 19th century. The statement places 2004 as the fourth warmest year in the temperature record since 1861 and indicates that there has been a rise in global temperature greater than 0.6°C since 1900.


World Climate Research Programme: 25 years of science serving society

This brochure was issued to mark the 25th anniversary of the World Climate Research Programme. It can also be viewed in pdf form and downloaded from the WCRP Website:


WMO Integrated Global Observing System (WMO-IOS)

The WMO-IOS takes Earth observations, processes them to build products and tools which help decision-makers respond to the needs of users. It is a core component of the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS). This brochure explains what the Integrated Global Observing System is and how it can contribute effectively to activities in almost all sectors of human endeavour. The brochure is useful for decision-makers, the media and the public.


Regional Association II (Asia), thirteenth session—Abridged final report with resolutions (2004) (WMO-No. 981)
116 pp.
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Price: CHF 25,-


Applications of Climate Forecasts for Agriculture. Proceedings of an Expert Group Meeting for Regional Association I (Africa) (WMO/TD-1223, AGM-7)
198 pp.
[ E ]
Price: CHF 30.-


Servicios de Información y Predicción del Clima (SIPC) y Aplicaciones Agrometeorológicas para los Países Andinos: Actas de la Reunión Tecnica (Proceedings of the Third Regional Technical meeting on CLIPS and Agrometeorological Applications for the Andean Countries) (WMO/TD No. 1234, AGM-6)
iii + 221pp.
[ S 
Price: CHF 30.-


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