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4-5 June

Second meeting of Task Force 2 (Report on progress) and Committee Co-Chairs Coordination (C4) meeting (6 June)


4-8 June

Meeting of the CBS OPAG / PWS Implementation Coordination Team

Muscat, Oman

4-8 June

Joint WMO-IOC-CPPS Working Group on “El Niño” / GOOS Regional Alliance for the South Pacific (GRASP)

Lima, Peru

4-8 June

CBS Expert Team on Non-nuclear Emergency Response Activities

Montreal, Canada

4-8 June

10th Biennal WMO/GAW Brewers Users Group Meeting (co-sponsored by WMO)

Northwich, UK

11-15 June

DBCP/IODE/ODINAFRICA Training Course on Buoy Programme Implementation and Data Management (co-sponsored by WMO)

Ostend, Belgium

18-20 June

CBS Management Group – seventh session


5-6 June

RGB Composite Satellite Imagery Workshop

Boulder, USA

7-8 June

Third meeting of the Virtual Laboratory Management Group (VLMG-3)

Boulder, USA

18-22 June

Roving Seminar o n Operation and Maintenance of Automactic Hydrometic Stations

La Paz, Bolivia

21-22 June

Second Workshop on Re-design and Optimization of the Space-based GOS (OPTIM-2)


22-28 June

Roving Seminars (six) on Weather, Climate and Farmers

(co-sponsored by WMO)

Andhra Pradesh, India

23-24 June

WMO Retreat-2007

Evian-les-Bains, France

2-3 July

E xpert Meeting on the Application of the UNESCO/WMO Handbook on Water Resources Assessment in RA IV

La Habana, Cuba

2-5 July

World Health Organization (WHO) Workshop on Climate Change and Health in South-East and East Asian Countries (co-sponsored by WMO)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

3-4 July

RARS Implementation Group - first meeting


5-6 July

IGDDS Implementation Group - first meeting


9-13 July

Expert Team on Evolution of the GOS (ET-GOS) – third session


10-13 July

The Aviation Seminar

(co-sponsored by WMO)

Nairobi, Kenya

11-13 July

SIGMET Seminar for Asia/Pacific Region (co-sponsored by WMO)

Bangkok, Thailand

11-13 July

Second Meeting of the Task Force on the Socio-Economic Applications of Meteorological and Hydrological Services


13 July

Workshop on loss of Hydrologic knowledge (co-sponsored by WMO)

Perugia, Italy

16-18 July

GEO Agricultural Monitoring Workshop

Rome, Italy

22-27 July

Fourth International Conference on Fog, Fog Collection and Dew (co-sponsored by WMO)

La Serena, Chile

1-4 August

Training Workshop on Nowcasting

(co-sponsored by WMO)

Cairns, Australia

6-17 August

NWP Training Workshop (organized by Deutscher Wetterdienst, co-sponsored by WMO)

Langen, Germany

13-15 August

Meeting of the Commission for Climatology Expert Team on El Niño and La Niña

Maryland, USA

20 August-2 September

Training on Storm Surge Forecasting at the Indian Institute of Technoloy

New Delhi, India

3-7 September

Expert Team on Satellite Systems—third session and Expert Team
on Satellite Utilization and Products—third session


17-21 September

Seventh South Hemisphere Training Course on Tropical Cyclones

Melbourne, Australia

17-21 September

CIMO Expert Team and the International Organizing Committee on Surface-based Instrument Intercomparisons

Vigna di Valle, Italy

24-26 September

CAS Management Group - second session

Oslo, Norway

25-28 September

Commission for Climatology Expert Team on CLIPS Operations,
Verification and Application Services

Guayaquil, Ecuador

2-4 October

Meeting of the Implementation/Coordination Team (ICT) of the CCl


15-19 October

ECMWF Training Course for WMO Members

(co-sponsored by WMO)

Reading, United Kingdom

22-25 October

Ninth WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification

and Weather Modification Workshop

Antalya, Turkey

7-9 November

WMO/GEO Expert Meeting on an International Sand and Dust Storm Warning System

Barcelona, Spain

19-21 November

Meeting of the Commission for Climatology Expert Team on Climate and Energy


28-30 November

First Venezuelan Congress and Fifth Latin-American Meeting in Agrometeorology (co-sponsored by WMO)

San Cristóbal, Venezuela


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