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Recently issued

For the full WMO catalogue of publications and how to order these and other publications, see:  

Aerodrome reports and forecasts: A users’ handbook to the codes
Fourth edition (2005) (WMO-No. 782)
[ E ]
75 pp.
ISBN 92-63-14782-5
Price: CHF 

World Weather Watch—Twenty-second Status report on Implementation (WMO-No. 986)
[ E ] 
v + 60 pp.
ISBN 92-63-10986-9
Price: CHF 20.-


The Global Climate System Review 2003
(WMO-No. 984)
[ E ]
63 pp.
ISBN 92-63-10984-2
Price: CHF 

Review of the climate in 2003 showing the area and magnitude of major climate anomalies in 2003


Guidelines on weather broadcasting and the use of radio for the delivery of weather information
(WMO-TD-No. 1278/PWS-12)


Selected activities during 2004-2005. Agricultural Meteorology Programme of WMO
[E ]


Hydrographic Atlas of the World Ocean Circulation Experiment (WOCE)
Volume 1: Southern Ocean
[ E ]
ISBN 0-904175-49-9
Price: £30

A.H. Orsi and T. Whitworth III, Department of Oceanography, Texas A&M University, Texas, USA. Series editors: M. Sparrow, P. Chapman and J. Gould, International WOCE Project Office, Southampton, United Kingdom

To order this volume and to browse the electronic version, see:

Protecting the ozone layer: A priority for WMO
[ E ]
4 pp.
Free upon request



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