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Upcoming events




31 October-
4 November
11th World Lake Conference Nairobi, Kenya
1-2 November Technical Conference “Climate as a resource” Beijing, China
1-3 November Training Workshop on WMO/UNESCO manual “WRA-Handbook for review of national capabilities” Niamey, Niger
1-4 November Meeting of Coordination Team on Migration to Table Driven Code Forms Geneva
3-10 November Commission for Climatology—14th session Beijing, China
15-17 November Joint Committee on International Polar Year 2007-2008—2nd session Geneva
14-16 November EC Panel of Experts on Education and Training—extraordinary session Geneva
14-18 November WMO/FAO Training Workshop on GIS and Remote Sensing Applications in Agricultural Meteorology for the SADC Countries Gaborone, Botswana
14-18 November Training Course on Maintenance for Technicians from South Pacific Islands National Meteorological Services Faa’a, French Polynesia
15-18 November Implementation-Coordination Meeting on Specific Communication Techniques and on the GTS in RA I Dakar, Senegal
21-23 November Coordination Meeting on Antarctic Meteorology and related IPY activities St Petersburg, Russian Federation
21-23 November CAgM Expert Team on Database Management, Validation and Application of Models and Research Methods at the Eco-Regional Level Gaborone, Botswana
27-29 November Second Technical Workshop on the Establishment of a Sub-Regional Drought Management Centre Sofia, Bulgaria
28 November-
5 December
Third WWRP Nowcasting Training Workshop 2005 Pretoria, South Africa
5-8 December Meeting of CBS Team on Data Representation and Codes Muscat, Oman
5-9 December International Workshop on Tropical and Extra-tropical Interactions Incorporating Extra-tropical Transition of Tropical Cyclones Perth, Australia
5-9 December Fourth Technical Conference on Management of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services in RA V (South-West Pacific) Apia, Samoa
5-9 December Third Meteorological Cuban Congress Cuba
5-9 December OPAG-IOS Expert Team on Satellite Systems Geneva
7-9 December Expert Team on Evolution of the GOS Geneva
10-14 December Regional Training Seminar on WMO Table Driven Code Forms Muscat, Oman
12-15 December RA V Working Group on Agricultural Meteorology Bukittingi-West Sumatra, Indonesia
12-16 December CAS Working Group on Tropical Meteorology Research Shenzen, China
13 December Executive Committee of the Group on Earth Observations—4th session Geneva
14-15 December Group on Earth Observations—2nd plenary meeting Geneva
20-22 December RA I Sub-Regional Training Seminar on CLIMAT & CLIMAT TEMP Reporting Casablanca, Morocco

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