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October 2006 Downloads & Links

Upcoming events  


16–20 October

Data Buoy Cooperation Panel—
22nd session

La Jolla, CA, USA

16–27 October

Third Workshop of the International Precipitation Working Group (co-sponsored by WMO)

Melbourne, Australia

16–27 October
Regional Training Course on the Use of Environmental Satellite Data in Meteorological Applications for RA V
Melbourne, Australia
16–27 October
Regional Training Course on the Use of Environmental Satellite Data in Meteorological Applications for RA II
Nanjing, China
23–25 October
Argos Joint Tariff Agreement—26th meeting
La Jolla, CA, USA
23 October–
4 November
Fourth RA I Training Course on Tropical Cyclones and Public Weather Services
Saint-Denis, La Réunion
25-27 October
RA III Regional Training Seminar on Climat and Climate Temp Reporting
Buenos Aires, Argentina
25–27 October
International Workshop on Agrometeorological Risk Management: Challenges and Opportunities
New Delhi, India
28 October–
3 November
Commission for Agricultural Meteorology—14th session
New Delhi, India
31 October—
1 November
Meeting of Scientific Steering Committee for Sand and Dust Storm Project (co-sponsored by WMO)
Shanghai, China
1–3 November 
CCl Expert Team Meeting on Climate Data Management including Metadata 
Nairobi, Kenya
2–3 November
Technical Meeting to establish GAW Regional Calibration Centre for Aerosol Optical Depth Networks
(co-sponsored by WMO)
Shanghai, China
6–8 November  
CBS Technical Conference on the WMO Information System
Seoul, Republic of Korea
6–9 November
Joint Meeting of the GAW Aerosol SAG and of the GAW SAG subgroup on Global Aerosol Optical Depth Networks (co-sponsored by WMO)  
Shanghai, China
7–10 November
JCOMM Services Programme Area Coordination Group—third session
Exeter, United Kingdom
9–16 November
Commission for Basic Systems—extraordinary session
Seoul, Republic of Korea
20–23 November
Worldwide Synthesis Conference of the WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative

21–22 November

CAeM Technical Conference on Aeronautical Meteorology


21–30 November

Sixth WMO International Workshop on Tropical Cyclones

San José, Costa Rica

23 November–
1 December

Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology—13th session

28–30 November
EC Working Group on Antarctic Meteorology—ninth session
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
4–6 December
Technical Conference on Meteorological and Environmental Instruments and Methods of Observation (TECO-2006)
4–8 December
Second THORPEX International Science Symposium
Landshut, Bavaria, Germany
7–14 December
Commission for Instruments and Methods of Observation—14th session
11–15 December
Seminar on Cost Recovery of Aeronautical Meteorological Service and on Quality Management in the Provision of Meteorological Service to Aviation
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic


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