October 2007 Downloads & Links

Upcoming events


22-24 October

Data Buoy Cooperation Panel, 23rd session and Argos Joint Tariff Agreement, 27th meeting

Jeju, Republic of Korea

22-25 October

Ninth WMO Scientific Conference on Weather Modification and Weather Modification Workshop

Antalya, Turkey

24-26 October

Joint Committee for International Polar Year 2007-2008—sixth session

Québec, Canada

29-30 October

RAVI Technical Conference on Action Plan

St. Gallen, Switzerland

29-31 October

Seventh Climate Outlook Forum for the Western Coast of South America (COR7-WCSA) (co-sponsored by WMO)

La Paz, Bolivia

29 October-9 November

RAI Regional Training Seminar on use of GDPFS products especially for Severe Weather Forecasting and Public Weather Service in Support of National Disaster Reduction

Pretoria, South Africa

5-8 November

GCOS-/CBS Leas Centres Coordination Meeting

Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran

7-9 November

WMO/GEO Expert Meeting on an International Sand and Dust Storm Warning System Synthesis Report-4th Core Writing Team Meeting

Barcelona, Spain

12-14 November

Second Space for Hydrology Workshop


12-17 November

27th session of IPCC and Press Conferece (17 November)

Valencia, Spain

12 November-7 December

Training Workshop on Climsoft, Climate Data Homogenization and Climate Change Indices

Hanoi, Viet Nam

13-16 November

Tenth Meeting of the AMDAR Panel

Langen, Germany

15-16 November

Workshop on African Fire Danger Requirements

Accra, Ghana

19-21 November

Meeting of the Commission for Climatology Expert Team on Climate and Energy


19-30 November

13th GAWTEC Training Session (co-sponsored by WMO)

Hohenpeissenberg and Uugspitze, Germany

20-23 November

Roving Seminars on Weather, Climate and Farmers

Bogota, Colombia

26-28 November

Expert Meeting on Guidelines for NMHSs’ Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction Coordination Mechanisms and Early Warning Systems


27-30 November

CBS Expert Meeting on Very-Short-Range Forecasting

Toulouse, France

28-30 November

Fifth Latin-American Meeting in Agrometeorology

San Cristóbal, Venezuela

28-30 November

International Workshop on the Rescue and Digitization of Historical Climate Records

Tarragona, Spain

3-5 December

WMO International Symposium on Public Weather Services: a Key to Service Delivery


3-5 December

Programme on the Evaluation of High Resolution Precipitation Products Workshop (PEHRPP)


4-5 December

International Fire Early Warning Workshop

Edmonton, Canada

5-7 December

Expert Meeting on Requirements of Catastrophe Insurance and Weather Risk Management Markets


6-7 December

Meeting of the CAgM Expert Temon Agrometeorological Aspects of Sustainable Agricultural Development

Edmondon, Canada


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