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World Meteorological Day 2013

National Celebrations

The material in this section is posted as received from WMO Members


South Africa


Poster from the Agro Climatology - ARC Institute for Soil, Climate and Water on the occassion of World Meteorological Day 2013.




World Meteorological Day celebration at the Kenya Meteorological Department Headquarters and Meteorological Out-Stations. >> More





Greeting card on the occassion of World Meteorological Day from the Director/Permanent Representative of Tajikistan with WMO.




Carta del Representante Permanente de la Republica Argentina ante la OMM. >> PDF




Letter from the Director-General of the National Agency for Meteorology and Environment Monitoring - Implementing Agency of the Government of Mongolia >> PDF


Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Left to right: IMN Director General Juan Carlos Fallas and Vice Minister of Water and Oceans Jose Lino Chaves

Press conference held at the Insituto Meteorológico Nacional of San José, Costa Rica on the Occassion of World Meteorological Day. A total of 13 media representatives attended the conference.




The Ministry of Infrastructure through Rwanda Meteorological Agency invited its stakeholders and partners to the celebrations of “World Meteorological Day 2013”. The celebrations took place at Rwanda Meteorological Agency Headquarters, Gitega, City of Kigali; on Thursday 21st March 2013 from 9.00 am.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda Meteorological Agency, partners and stakeholders in meteorology also celebrated the progress registered and highlighted the importance of weather and climate information and products for socio-economic development, especially in Agriculture and food security, Air transport, Environment, disaster risk management, Construction and health sector among others. Rwanda is a member of World Meteorological Organization since 1963.

>> Invitation Letter




Observatory celebrates 130th anniversary and World Meteorological Day

The Director of the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO), Mr Shun Chi-ming, on March 23 celebrated the 130th anniversary of the Observatory and World Meteorological Day with more than 100 guests, including the President of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Mr David Grimes; the Deputy Administrator of the China Meteorological Administration (CMA), Mr Shen Xiaonong; the Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Commerce, Industry and Tourism), Mr Andrew Wong; all five retired Chinese Directors of the Observatory; and collaborators and partners.

Mr Shun, together with other officiating guests, performed a launch ceremony for a new version of the “MyWorldWeather” mobile application, which supports seven different languages, namely Chinese, English, German, Korean, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish, starting a new chapter in the World Weather Information Service (WWIS) of the WMO. >> More

World Meteorological Day activities in China Meteorological Administration

China march

Long march campaign to meteorological outreach was launched in Beijing on March 23. Themed with meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation and addressing climate change, the campaign publicized meteorological knowledge to community citizens, famers, students and other people. >> More



Different places of Chinese met departments celebrate WMD


National school campaign to meteorological science outreach was kicked off in Beijing 14th middle school on March 22. Jointly sponsored by China Meteorological Administration (CMA), China Association for Science & Technology, the Central Committee of Communist Youth League, China Meteorological Association and China Education Association, the activity aimed to enhance the knowledge of meteorological science. >> More





Welttag der Meteorologie (23. März): Schwerpunkt-Woche auf Facebook

Die Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynmik (ZAMG) stellt diese Woche ihren Facebook-Auftritt unter das Motto des Welttages der Meteorologie (23. März) „Watching the weather to protect life and property / Wetterbeobachtung zum Schutz von Leben und Eigentum".





Under the patronage of his Excellency Eng. Ala'a Al-Batieneh , Minister of Transport, The Jordan Meteorological Department celebrated the World Meteorological Day 2013. His Excellency opened an Exhibition on that occasion.





La veille météorologique mondiale, une coopération internationale indispensable

Grâce à ses programmes et au vaste réseau des services météorologiques et hydrologiques nationaux, l'OMM constitue un maillon essentiel au service de la protection des personnes et des biens.



Всемирный метеорологический день 2013 г. - Наблюдения за погодой для защиты жизни и имущества 



Kingdom of Bahrain


Kingdom of Bahrain Marks World Meteorological Day Under the Theme: “Watching the weather to protect life and property”

Bahrain joins the rest of the world in celebration of World Meteorological Day, which is celebrated annually on 23 March. This year’s celebration is under the theme “Watching the weather to protect life and property” and also marked the 50th year anniversary of World Weather Watch, a combination of observing systems, telecommunications facilities and data processing and forecasting centers that span the globe.

Since the early 1900s, the Kingdom of Bahrain developed its meteorological capabilities and is today considered as one of the leading countries in terms of climate information and services. >> More



Svjetski meteorološki dan 23. ožujka

DHMZ, 21. 3. 2013. - Ovogodišnjim Svjetskim meteorološkim danom pod motom "Motrimo vrijeme u zaštiti života i imovine", obilježava se 50 godina Svjetskog meteorološkog bdijenja (WWW - World Weather Watch).



Message of Luc Gnacadja, Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)

Weather forecast, drought monitoring and early warning systems are life-saving in drylands, where droughts have devastating effects on people livelihoods and the economy. As a result
of climate change, droughts are expected to become more frequent and intense with an
increasing human and economic toll. >> More



World Meteorological Day 2013 celebration at the Turkish State Meteorological Service


WMD 2013 Turkey   WMD2013 Turkey   WMD2013 Turkey   WMD2013 Turkey


En los festejos del Dia Mundial de Meteorologia realizada en el Centro Meteorologico Nacional de Asunción, participaron del Evento El Señor Ministro de la Secretaria de Emergencia Lic. Rafael Valdez, el Economista Carlos Jose Fugarazzo, Presidente de la Direccion Nacional de Aeronautica Civil DINAC, el Director Regional de la OMM para las Americas Miguel Rabiolo, el Lic. Julian Baez Benitez Director de Meteorologia e Hidrologia del Paraguay. >> Mas



The Iraqi Meteorological Organization (I.M.O) celebrated World Meteorological Day 2013 with Iraqi meteorologists and other participants from Iraqi agencies that have close relation with meteorological and hydrology services. >> More



World Meteorological Day 2013 and World Water Day were clebrated in Uzbekistan with a briefing session, a round table discussion and a presentation on the Amu Darya river. >> More




The Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Service, the Department of Civil Aviation and the Ministry of Communications celebrated the World Meteorological Day 2013 on 23rd March 2013 with joy. This year's celebration was special because the Brunei Darussalam
Meteorological Department has officially started its operations from 1st of April 2013. >> More


World Meteorological Day 2013 was celebrated in the Syrian Arab Republic Meteorological Department. >> More



Qatar Meteorological Department celebrated World Meteorological Day 2013 on 23rd March, under the theme " Watching the weather to protect life and property" with focused attention on the critical role played by 24 hours meteorological services on human safety and safeguarding society against hazards like floods, tropical cyclones and drought. >> More (English | Arabic)



World Meteorological Day 2013 celebration at the Institute of Meteorology & Geophysics in Pakistan Meteorological Department.




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