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“The WMO vision is to provide world leadership in expertise and international cooperation in weather, climate, hydrology and water resources, and related environmental issues, and thereby to contribute to the safety and well-being of people throughout the world and to the economic benefit of all nations.

The gender perspective of this vision is to realize fully the professional and human potential of both women and men through equal employment opportunities and to provide improved environmental services that are responsive and sensitive to women’s and men’s needs and will make a difference to their lives.”

Section 1.3 of WMO Policy on Gender Mainstreaming

Policy and Mechanisms

The WMO Policy on Gender Mainstreaming was adopted by the Fifteenth World Meteorological Congress (Cg-XV) to promote, encourage and facilitate gender equality across WMO and to establish a mechanism by which progress can be measured. The Framework for Action which makes part of the Policy provides guidance and direction for WMO and its Members on gender-sensitive actions in the areas of governance, employment, service delivery, and monitoring and evaluation.

The Executive Council Advisory Panel of Experts on Gender Mainstreaming is the main body overseeing, advising and reporting on the implementation of gender mainstreaming activities at all levels of WMO. Its terms of reference are defined in Resolution 6 (EC-LIX) of the WMO Executive Council. The WMO Secretariat assists the Panel in all its activities, collects data and compiles relevant reports, coordinates gender mainstreaming action across the Organization, and operationalizes the decisions and recommendations of WMO governance bodies with respect to gender mainstreaming.

Key Developments


2013 EC-65 approves the holding of the Conference on the Gender Dimensions of Weather and Climate Services (Geneva, 5-7 November 2014) and notes progress in the development of monitoring indicators to measure implementation of the WMO Policy on Gender Mainstreaming
2011 Cg-XVI adopts Resolution 54 on WMO Gender Mainstreaming
2009 The Gender and Climate Forum is held during the World Climate Conference-3
2007 A network of gender focal points is established across Member countries, regional associations and technical commissions
  The Executive Council Advisory Panel of Experts on Gender Mainstreaming is established
  Cg-XV adopts the WMO Policy on Gender Mainstreaming
2003 The Second WMO Conference on Women in Meteorology and Hydrology is held in Geneva, Switzerland
  Congress adopts Resolution 33 (Cg-XIV) on Equal Opportunities for the Participation of Women in Meteorology and Hydrology
2001 The Global Survey on the Participation of Men and Women in WMO Activities is conducted providing comparative analysis and trends
1997 The First Meeting on the Participation of Women in Meteorology and Hydrology is convened in Bangkok, Thailand
  Data collection on the participation of men and women in WMO activities is initiated and a report published



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