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Recommendation 2 (CHy-X)
Participation of women in the work of the Commission for Hydrology

The Commission for Hydrology,

(1) Principle No. 3 adopted by the International Conference on Water and the Environment (Dublin, 1992) namely that "Women play a central part in the provision, management and safeguarding of water",

(2) The appeals made in Chapter 24 of Agenda 21: Programme of Action for Sustainable Development (Rio de Janeiro, 1992) on "Global action for women towards sustainable and equitable development",

(3) That the forty-eighth session of the Executive Council has requested members to encourage the advancement of women in meteorology and operational hydrology,

CONSIDERING the discussions held during this session reflecting the need for more women to be involved in hydrological activities in general and the work of the Commission, particular,

WELCOMING the very active participation of women delegates at this session,

RECOMMENDS that members:

(1) Provide encouragement for an increased number of women to work as professional staff in NHSs and in other water-related institutions and in regional and international Cupertino programmes;

(2) Increase the representation of women in their delegations to sessions of the Commission and in their nominations for members of Commission working groups;

REQUESTS the president of the Commission to report to Chy-XI on progress in the participation of women during the inter-session meetings of the Commission as well as on their status during the Chy-XI session.



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