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Annex IV

Annex to paragraph of the general summary

WMO Programme for the Least Developed Countries


Purpose and scope

1. In line with the overall Programme of Action for the LDCs for the decade 2001-2010, adopted by the Third United Nations Conference for the LDCs, the WMO programme for the LDCs will encompass the five following strategic areas:

(a) Fostering a people-centred policy framework;

(b) Strengthening productive capacities;

(c) Building human and institutional capacities;

(d) Reducing vulnerability and conserving the environment; and

(e) Resource mobilization.

2. Resources mobilized within the framework of this programme, through a special Trust Fund, will be used to support NMHSs of LDCs to enhance their capabilities to participate and contribute actively in activities related to priority areas such as poverty alleviation and natural disaster preparedness and mitigation. Specific projects will be developed for individual countries and on a subregional basis for countries in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Main long-term objective

3. The long-term objective of the programme is to enhance the capacities of the NMHSs of LDCs so that they can contribute efficiently and in a timely manner to the socio-economic development efforts of the countries concerned.

Implementation activities 2004-2007

4. During the period, project proposals will be developed and resources mobilized to assist the NMHSs of eight countries in RA I, eight countries in RA II, five in RA V and one in RA IV. In addition, three regional projects will be prepared to enhance regional cooperation in the countries concerned especially in areas such as training and the development of climate and seasonal prediction capabilities. The main focus will be to ensure that the NMHSs are able to address adequately such issues as disaster prevention and mitigation, water resources management and climate change and its impacts on the economies.

5. The planned activities of the programme include, among other things, the following:

(a) The provision of assistance to NMHSs in the preparation of development plans based on the priority needs of countries and in the implementation of the plans;

(b) The development of technical cooperation projects and programmes;

(c) The provision of support in the area of human resources development through the training of selected staff;

(d) The development of capacity building activities including in the area of planning, management and resource mobilization; and

(e) The provision of assistance to NMHSs in the mobilization of resources for the development of their activities.




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