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Annex V

Annex to paragraph of the general summary



Terms of reference and rules

Introduction and purpose of the Fund

1. It will be recalled that within the context of the United Nations, special attention has been given to the development of the LDCs through, among other things, the organization of special conferences to develop and agree on actions to be taken by the LDCs and the international community to support their struggle against poverty and economic difficulties. In this regard, the Third United Nations Conference on the LDCs was held in Brussels in May 2001 to review the implementation of the Plan of Action for LDCs approved in Paris in 1991 by the Second Conference on the LDCs. The Conference adopted a Programme of Action for the LDCs for the decade 2001-2010, the implementation of which will be based on actions by the LDCs and commensurate measures by the developed partners. In this connection, the United Nations system including WMO, was requested to play a key role in the implementation of the Programme of Action. In this regard, the WMO Executive Council, during its fifty-third session, noted with satisfaction the inputs of WMO to the Programme of Action for the LDCs for the decade 2001-2010 and agreed on the need to develop a WMO programme for the LDCs to contribute to the overall Programme.

2. Noting that partnerships are essential for implementation of this new programme for the LDCs, regional and subregional economic groupings, public and private sectors, banks and funding agencies and multilateral organizations will be solicited and drawn in WMO’s initiatives for the LDCs. Coordination with the interested partners will be organized through consultative meetings. In order to mobilize additional and new resources for the programme, a Trust Fund is therefore established to facilitate the development and implementation of national and regional projects in support of NMHSs of LDCs.

3. The Fund will be established from voluntary cash contributions from Members, bilateral and multilateral funding agencies, including the World Bank, regional development banks, NGO’s and the private sector. Contributions may include grants and donations and shall be normally made in Swiss Francs or any other convertible currency.

Administration of the Fund

4. The Secretary-General of WMO, or his authorized representative, shall be responsible for the management of funds contributed by the above-mentioned donors through WMO.

5. The Secretary-General of WMO shall administer the Fund in accordance with the Financial Regulations, Standing Instructions and established procedures of WMO, supplemented by the provision of the present rules.

6. The accounting of the expenditures of the Fund shall be as provided for in paragraph 5 above as well as for any other directly identifiable charges related to the administration of the Fund (e.g., costs of consultants, experts, scientific and technical staff, bank charges and/or commissions, communication charges, etc.). The interest accrued from any investment of the principal of the Fund will constitute an income to the Fund.

7. Financial reports on the Fund will be made in Swiss Francs. The United Nations rate of exchange prevailing on the date of the transaction or report will apply for the conversion into Swiss Francs of contributions or income received and payments made or charges incurred in any other currency. WMO shall submit a financial report, annually, to the Executive Council, and report to Congress on the overall use of the Fund.

8. The biennial statement of income and expenditure of the Fund will be incorporated in the overall audited financial statements submitted by the Secretary-General of WMO to the WMO Executive Council for approval. External audit will be conducted as provided for in the WMO Financial Regulations. The audit report will be available to contributing partners on request.

Procedures for the utilization of the Fund

9. The utilization of the Fund shall be based upon decisions of the Secretary-General, based on agreed project proposals and requests from Members on specific indications from contributors.

10. The Secretary-General of WMO will not enter into any financial commitments unless he has received the funds required.

Legal responsibilities

11. Under no circumstances will the Fund be made liable to pay and/or reimburse any taxes on emoluments or honorarium, or any customs and import duties, value added taxes or similar charges. If applicable, these will be payable by the beneficiaries of the support provided.

Review of the rules

12. Congress may review these rules in the light of experience gained and make any changes as appropriate.




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