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306–Manual on codes - International codes
Volume I.1 Part A: Alphanumeric codes
Volume I.2 Part B: Binary codes and Part C: Common features to binary and alpha-numeric codes
Volume II - Regional codes and national coding practices

332–Manual for estimation of probable maximum precipitation

948–Manual on Sediment Management and Measurement

386–Manual on the Global Telecommunication System
Volume I - Global aspects Volume II - Regional aspects

407–International cloud atlas
Volume I - Manual on the observation of clouds and other meteors
Volume II (plates)

485–Manual on the Global Data-processing System
Volume I - Global aspects, 1991
Volume II - Regional aspects, 1992

519–Manual on stream gauging
Volume I - Fieldwork; xiv + 308 pp.
Volume II - Computation of discharge; xiv + 258 pp.

544–Manual on the Global Observing System
Volume I - Global aspects
Volume II - Regional aspects

558–Manual on marine meteorological services
Volume I - Global aspects
Volume II - Regional aspects

680–Manual on water quality monitoring - Planning and implementation of sampling and field testing

686–Manual on operational methods for the measurement of sediment transport



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