simpleType "xlink:hrefType"
globally in xlink.xsd; see XML source
Simple Content Model
All Direct / Indirect Based Attributes (1):
Known Usage Locations
Type Definition Detail
Type Derivation Tree
xs:anyURI (restriction)
restriction of xs:anyURI
XML Source (see within schema source)
<xs:simpleType name="hrefType">
<xs:restriction base="xs:anyURI"/>

This XML schema documentation has been generated with DocFlex/XML 1.10 using DocFlex/XML XSDDoc 2.8.2 template set.
DocFlex/XML is a tool for programming and running highly sophisticated documentation and reports generators by the data obtained from any kind of XML files. The actual doc-generators are implemented in the form of special templates that are designed visually using a high-quality Template Designer GUI basing on the XML schema (or DTD) files describing the data source XML.
DocFlex/XML XSDDoc is a commercial template application of DocFlex/XML that implements a high-quality XML Schema documentation generator with simultaneous support of framed multi-file HTML, single-file HTML and RTF output formats. (More formats are planned in the future).
A commercial license for "DocFlex/XML XSDDoc" will allow you:
  • To configure the generated documentation so much as you want. Thanks to our template technology, it was possible to support > 400 template parameters, which work the same as "options" of ordinary doc-generators. The parameters are organized in nested groups, which form a parameter tree. Most of them have their default values calculated dynamically from a few primary parameters. So, you'll never need to specify all of them. That will give you swift and effective control over the generated content!
  • To use certain features disabled in the free mode (such as the full documenting of substitution groups).
  • To select only the initial, imported, included, redefined XML schemas to be documented or only those directly specified by name.
  • To include only XML schema components specified by name.
  • To document local element components both globally and locally (similar to attributes).
  • To allow/suppress unification of local elements by type.
  • To enable/disable reproducing of namespace prefixes.
  • To use PlainDoc.tpl main template to generate all the XML schema documentation in a signle-file form as both HTML and incredible quality RTF output.
  • To format your annotations with XHTML tags and reproduce that formatting both in HTML and RTF output.
  • To insert images in your annotations using XHTML <img> tags (supported both in HTML and RTF output).
  • To remove this very advertisement text!
Once having only such a license, you will be able to run the fully-featured XML schema documentation generator both with DocFlex/XML (Full Edition) and with DocFlex/XML RE, which is a reduced free edition containing only the template interpretor / output generator. No other licenses will be required!
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