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World Water Day 22 March and World Meteorological Day 23 March
in the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology
at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences:

Hydro-meteo Salon 2012 and Tools for Adaptation to Climate Change

World Water Day on March 22 and World Meteorological Day on March 23 are both professional feasts of people working in the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (NIMH-BAS). This year, the traditional Open Day was held on March 22 as part of a two-day fair "Hydro-meteorological Salon 2012" organized by the management of NIMH-BAS to present the versatile activities of the Institute.

The presentation of results from scientific and applied studies of NIMH, which are used or can be used in the process of adaptation to climate change with an emphasis on monitoring, evaluation and forecasting of water resources, was main focus of the Fair. For this purpose, an interactive session was held on March 23 in the Institute where representatives of the executive authorities, business and media were invited. Official guests of the event were Ivelina Vasileva - Deputy Minister of Environment and Water, Maj. Gen. Dr. Stoimen Stoimenov - Advisor to the President Rosen Plevneliev on national security, Prof. DSc Eugene Nickolov – Vice President of BAS, and Prof. Renna Dyulgerova - Rector of the Training Centre at BAS.

During the interactive session, Dr. Georgi Korchev - Director General of the NIMH-BAS, presented activities of the Institute highlighting its place in the main programmes of the World Meteorological Organization and in projects of national importance. Special attention was paid to the early warning systems for hazardous and very dangerous phenomena of hydrometeorological origin developed and being in operation in NIMH-BAS, including:

  • Operational warning system for floods - in the watershed of the rivers Maritsa and Tundja;
  • Reservoir management system for flood control and water user hedging rules;
  • An operational marine early warning system for the Black Sea;
  • Regional early warning system for air pollution from industrial sources;
  • Early warning system for possible transboundary radioactive pollution in case of nuclear accident.

Leaders of the teams developed and maintaining these systems, participated in the interactive session and gave interviews to the media. In her welcome address, Deputy Minister Ivelina Vassileva highlighted the close cooperation in recent years between NIMH-BAS and the Ministry of Environment and Water. She stressed in particular on the importance of information provided by NIMH on water management and adaptation of water use to climate variability and change. In welcoming on behalf of the President of Bulgaria, Maj. Gen. Stoimen Stoimenov highlighted the particularly high benefit from the operational activity through early warning systems for hazardous and very dangerous phenomena of hydrometeorological origin as well as their development through research results for decision making and the prevention of damage from natural disasters. Prof. Eugene Nickolov - Vice President of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, stressed the uniqueness and usefulness of the NIMH for the society and people, wishing further success in its activities.

At Hydro-meteo Salon 2012, the departments of NIMH-BAS presented their activities through posters and computer presentations, including demonstrations of early warning systems. The work of doctoral students and young scientists in the NIMH was presented during the First Youth Poster Session of Meteorology and Hydrology with closing discussion immediately after the interactive session. Prof. Dyulgerova presented with special certificates the participants in this session, praised and encouraged the ambition and zeal of young people to develop projects in the interesting, multi-disciplinary and applied topics they have chosen. Prof. Evgeni Nikolov welcomed the Youth Session on behalf of the Executive Council of BAS and stressed the relevance and prospects of most of the issues being studied. He wished this First Youth Session to grow into an international forum with NIMH-BAS and Bulgaria as host.

People arrriving in conference room   Mr Korchev speaking   people in the conference room
23 March2012 – Director General Dr. G. Kortchev opens Hydro-Meteo Salon 2012. Official guests (from left to right on the picture in the middle): Deputy Minister I. Vassileva, Maj. Gen. S. Stoimenov, Prof. R. Dyulgerova and Prof. Eugene Nickolov
computer screens   people looking at posters   people looking at posters
Poster session and presentations of new results from scientific and applied research in NIMH-BAS.
people at the exhibition   people at the exihibition   people at the exhibition
First Youth Poster Session of Meteorology and Hydrology in NIMH-BAS, devoted to the World Water Day and World Meteorological Day.










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