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World Meteorological Day 2012

National Celebrations

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Am 23. März jeden Jahres feiert die Weltorganisation für Meteorologie (WMO-World Meteorological Organisation) mit ihren 189 Mitgliedern ihre Gründung im Jahr 1950.

Das Thema lautet heuer: „Powering our future with weather, climate and water” also „Der Antrieb unserer Zukunft: Wetter, Klima und Wasser“.

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Gefeliciteerd WMOElk jaar vieren we op 23 maart de verjaardag van de oprichting van de WMO... >> Lees het volledige dossier

Chaque année, nous commémorons le 23 mars l’anniversaire de la fondation de l’OMM...
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Post card World Met Day Brazil

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  World Met Day celebrated in Bulgaria

World Water Day on March 22 and World Meteorological Day on March 23 are both professional feasts of people working in the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (NIMH-BAS). This year, the traditional Open Day was held on March 22 as part of a two-day fair "Hydro-meteorological Salon 2012" organized by the management of NIMH-BAS to present the versatile activities of the Institute. >> More



Message of Zheng Guoguang on World Meteorological Day 2012

  Zheng Guoguang

This March 23 is the 52nd World Meteorological Day whose theme is "Powering Our Future with Weather, Climate and Water". This theme demonstrates that people have understood the important role of weather, climate and water in human being's future. In our sustainable development practice, all the countries should join together to help more and more sensitive weather, climate and water resources to drive future development and find out solutions to solve the problems in the present human being's development.

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Côte d'Ivoire

  remise de pluviometre

Cette année, la Journée météorologique mondiale a pour thème « Le temps, le climat et l'eau, moteurs de notre avenir ». La journée sera marquée par une activité majeure à l’endroit des mairies : la remise de pluviomètres aux maires pour mesurer l’impact des pluies sur les communes.

En effet, le Service Météorologique National publie régulièrement les informations relatives au temps et au climat à l’échelle du pays et cela sur la base du réseau d’observation disponible.

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  group photo

The President of Croatia visits the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) on the occasion of the World Meterological Day >> More



Democratic Republic of the Congo

RD Congo World Met Day poster

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Costa Rica

costa rica broadcast

The National Meteoroligical Institute officialy broadcasted for the first time from their "Online TV Channel: IMN TV" on World Meteorological Day 2012. >> Video



Maailman ilmatieteen päivänä 23.3. Maailman ilmatieteen järjestö WMO muistuttaa sään ja ilmaston vaikutuksesta yhteiskuntien toimintaan ja kestävään kehitykseen.

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Der 23. März ist der internationale Tag der Meteorologie. Er geht zurück auf den Tag der Gründung der Weltorganisation für Meteorologie WMO (World Meteorological Organization) am 23. März 1950. Die WMO mit Sitz in Genf ist eine Sonderorganisation der Vereinten Nationen (UN). Hauptthema in diesem Jahr ist die Zukunft unseres Planeten, insbesondere zukünftige Entwicklungen, die eng mit dem Wetter, dem Klima und dem Wasserkreislauf verknüpft sind.




Cada momento, cada día, en todo el mundo, los Servicios Meteorológicos e Hidrológicos Nacionales recopilan y analizan datos meteorológicos, climáticos e hidrológicos y los convierten en información con valor añadido que permite proteger vidas y medios de subsistencia y es fundamental para el bienestar presente y futuro de nuestra sociedad y nuestro planeta. La Organización Meteorológica Mundial (OMM), organismo especializado de las Naciones Unidas, promueve la colaboración internacional entres sus 189 Miembros con objeto de facilitar esta labor, en Guatemala el INSIVUMEH como miembro Nacional de la OMM, facilita toda la información que recopila a través de sus más de 140 estaciones hidrometeorológicas.

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Honduras posterTodos los años, el 23 de marzo, la Organización Meteorológica Mundial, sus 189 Miembros y la comunidad meteorológica internacional celebran el Día Meteorológico Mundial con la elección de un tema oportuno. Este día conmemora la entrada en vigor, en 1950, del Convenio por el que se estableció la Organización. Posteriormente, en 1951, la OMM fue designada organismo especializado del sistema de las Naciones Unidas.



Hong Kong Observatory Open Day

Open day in HKOTo mark the occasion of World Meteorological Day (WMD) 2012, the Hong Kong Observatory hosted a press conference to brief the media on the latest developments of the Observatory. As in previous years, the Observatory was opened to the public as part of the celebration for WMD. The Observatory's Exhibition Hall was also refurbished with enhanced and updated information on climate change, observation instruments, numerical weather prediction and nowcasting as well as public engagment for visits by students and the public.

This year, a record number of around 16 000 people visited the Observatory's Headquarters during the Open Day on 24 and 25 March. The WMD related celebration events in Hong Kong were widely reported by the media and through press release.

More information on the press conference and the Open Day can be found at: and respectively



23 maart 2012 - Ieder jaar op 23 maart bundelen de Wereld Meteorologische Organisatie (WMO) en de internationale meteorologische gemeenschap hun krachten in het kader van de Wereld Meteorologische Dag. De datum, aansluitend aan de Wereld Waterdag, herinnert aan de oprichtingsdag van de Wereld Meteorologische Organisatie (WMO), een overkoepelende meteorologische organisatie, waar 189 landen bij aangesloten zijn.

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United States of America

Statement from National Weather Service Director Jack Hayes

Weather neither knows of nor adheres to geographic boundaries. Weather connects us all as we share this planet together, and we are all susceptible to its elements. Thus, by collectively monitoring the Earth and by making better forecasts of its changing weather we empower an engaged and collaborative global community to take the necessary steps to protect life and property and support sound economic decisions.

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