Category: Climate

Under the scorching sun

It was 1 January 2007 and I was doing my one-year pre-military service. We had returned to service after a break for the Christmas holidays and were preparing for test shooting. The temperature highs were around 38 degrees Celsius.

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Swimming to school?

Hello from the Netherlands! My name is Annie, and I live in Katwijk. My country is very flat. It is also very low – in some places, if it were not for the high dykes keeping the sea out, the land would be underwater!

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El Niño – A little boy causing a lot of problems!

The streets were empty, and the sky was clouding over. It must have been at least 40°C in the shade! I got home and immediately my dad started yelling at me, “Where have you been? As if you did not know what was happening!” I replied, “What happened, dad?”

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