News from Secretariat

22 December, 2017

After 19 years of dedicated service to the Aeronautical Meteorology Programme of WMO and the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology, Ms Brigitte Vuitteney-Gelman went to a well deserved retirement. A farewel party for Brigitte took place at the WMO Secretariat on the 19 December. Brigitte received a lot of flowers and thanks from all colleagues who worked with her including the members of the CAeM Management Group

Best wishes to Brigitte for a long and happy retired life!

(From left to right:) Ian Lisk, Vice-president of CAeM; Greg Brock, Scientific Officer AEM/WMO; Brigitte; Herbert Puempel, former Chief AEM; Dimitar Ivanov, Chief AEM

Brigitte will be replaced as the AEM Secretary at WMO Secretariat by Ms Adriana Oskarsson