Final report of the CAeM Global Survey 2016-2017 now published online

16 January, 2018

A new publication containing the outcomes of the CAeM Global Survey on Aeronautical Meteorology Service Provision has been posted on the WMO website (available as: AeM Series No. 1). The survey was conducted by the Commission for Aeronautical Meteorology (CAeM) between November 2016 and February 2017. The primary objective of the survey was to establish a comprehensive, consolidated global view on the existing institutional arrangements for the provision of meteorological services to international air navigation, particularly at a national level, taking into account the supporting ICAO and WMO regulatory frameworks. 

This success of the Survey has been ensured through an excellent collaboration between the CAeM Expert Teams on Governance and on Communication, Coordination and Partnerships (ET-GOV and ET-CCP) under the leadership of Mr Jan Sondij, Co-chair of ET-GOV. Special thanks for the preparation of the online survey and processing of the results are expressed to Mr Yi Wang - a work accomplished during his internship with the WDS/AEM Division of the WMO.