Message from the Bureau Chair

H.E. Mr Gilberto Correia Carvalho Silva, AMCOMET Bureau Chair and Minister of Agriculture and Environment, Republic of Cabo Verde

Thank you for actively participating during the Third Session of AMCOMET which took place in Praia, Cabo Verde from 10 – 14 February 2015.  The depth and richness of your deliberations has ensured the success of the Session and the approval of the Praia Ministerial Declaration, which outlines our work during the inter-sessional period.

Key decisions taken last February include the approval of AMCOMET’s Constitution and Rules of Procedures, the Implementation and Resource Mobilization Plan of the Integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (Weather and Climate Services), as well as the continued collaboration with the African Union Space Working Group, which includes the African Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology (AMCOST) and the African Union Conference of Ministers in Charge of Communications and Information Technologies (CITMC) in the development of the African Regional Space Programme.

The Declaration also calls for a closer collaboration with the ClimDev Africa Programme through a joint oversight of the Climate Research for Development Agenda, the priority agenda in strengthening long-term research capability in Africa to deliver improved climate services for development and ensure that climate science outputs address end-user needs.

In April 2010, the Nairobi Declaration established the African Ministerial Conference on Meteorology (AMCOMET) as a high-level mechanism for the development of meteorology and its applications in Africa.  Its vision is to have a framework for cooperation, security, socio-economic development and poverty eradication on a pan-African level through sound governance and the application of the science of meteorology and its related sciences.

Since then, AMCOMET has made significant progress in establishing a platform for guidance and policy dialogue.  The approval and subsequent endorsement by the African Union Executive Council of the Integrated African Strategy on Meteorology (Weather and Climate Services), which is a key framework document for the effective mainstreaming of weather and climate services into sub-regional and national development policies and plans, lays the foundation for the work that lies ahead.

During my tenure, I plan to further build on the work that my predecessors have done by strengthening policies to advance the weather and climate agenda, refine strategies and actions needed to address the challenges that Africa faces in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and socio-economic development.

Knowing that you share the same passion to serve and to promote the Africa agenda, I am reassured by your commitment and very much look forward to collaborating with all of you.