CPDB Datasources

This is a list of Datasources that are enabled in the Country Profile Database.

Klick on a Datasource in the table below to see details. If the Datasource can be accessed onlined, a browse link is shown. If the Datasource has an online updating process a link update is also shown.
Finally, the Focal Point of the Datasource at the WMO Secretariat is displayed, as well.

Institutional information Observations Country information Cooperation
Pub5 Surface and upper-air stations WIS VCP Requests
Institutional Information Catalogue of Meteorological Bulletins INFOHYDRO Fellowships
Roles And Operations Radars Regional Centres GFCS Projects
CHy GAW WMO Library Projects
CCL Experts Monitoring Climate Normals
Regional Working Structure
Focal Points

Institutional information


update S. Natalie Burke

Signed letters from Foreign Ministry, Permanent Mission, Permanent Representative or other desginated authority to WMO Secretariat.

Institutional Information

update Kuniyuki Shida

This information can be changed by logging into the CPDB and editing the country profile information.

Roles And Operations

This information comes from the Roles and Operations Checkbox survey


browse update Nirina Ravalitera

Updated via form (signed by the Permanent Representative) on WMO website at http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/hwrp/chy/OPACHEapplication.php

CCL Experts

browse Nirina Ravalitera

Updated via communication by Permanent Representative to the Secretary General


browse Etienne Charpentier

Updated via communication by PR to the Secretary General


browse update David Thomas

Update via OBS department of WMO Secretariat. Submit form (http://wis.wmo.int/ExpertForm) to WIS-Help@wmo.int, embedding the CBS Nomination Code under iWMO (http://www.wmo.int/cpdb/users/login).


browse Dean Locket

Update via OBS department of WMO Secretariat. Letter nominating expert from Permanent Representative.


browse Nanette Lomarda

Updated via communication by PR to the Secretary General

Regional Working Structure



browse Robert Stephanski

Update via CLW department of WMO Secretariat. Letter nominating expert from Permanent Representative.


browse Dimitar Ivanov

Update via WDS department of WMO Secretariat. Letter nominating expert from Permanent Representative.



Focal Points


Focal Point nominations depend on the specific domain, either by letter to the WMO Secretariat from the Permanent Representative or through logging on to the CPDB.


Surface and upper-air stations

browse update Etienne Charpentier

The OBS department in the WMO Secretariat operates OSCAR/Surface. National OSCAR/Surface Focal Points can logon to http://oscar.wmo.int/surface and change the information.

Catalogue of Meteorological Bulletins

browse update

The WMO Secretariat maintains Volume C1. See http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/www/ois/Operational_Information/VolC1_en.html for update instructions


browse update Dean Locket

On behalf of WMO, the Turkish Meteorological Services operates and maintains a database of Weather Radar Metadata that provides Members and the public with information on the location and capabilities of weather radars operated by WMO Members. The WMO Rad


Country information


browse update David Thomas

The WIS branch in the WMO Secretariat maintains the list of WIS centres and WIS links (http://wis.wmo.int/WIScentresDb). WIS centres can be nominated by a letter to the Secretary General. Guidelines are available under each regional implementation plan available from Regional WIS implementation pages. See https://wiswiki.wmo.int/Regional-Implementation. To propose changes to information on WIS, please email WIS-Help@wmo.int


update Nirina Ravalitera

Updated through questionnaire submitted to the Secretariat. See http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/hwrp/INFOHYDRO/INFOApplication.php for details

Regional Centres

CPDB helpdesk

The list of regional centres is maintained by the CPDB team. Please email cpdb@wmo.int if you think that the list should be updated!

WMO Library

browse Latitia Rey

Updated by WMO Library

Climate Normals

The WMO Secretariat publishes the climate normals. See http://www.wmo.int/pages/prog/wcp/wcdmp/GCDS_1.php for more information.


browse update Haleh Kootval

Alerting authorities are updated through the WMO Register of Alerting Authorities at http://www-db.wmo.int/alerting/authorities.asp


VCP Requests

Mary Power

The WMO Secretariat maintains the database of VCP requests as part of regular operations


Jeffrey Wilson

WMO Secretariat maintains the database of Fellowship requests as part of regular operations

GFCS Projects

browse update Filipe Lucio

The list of GFCS projects is maintained by the GFCS office. An online reporting form is available at http://www.wmo.int/gfcs/


browse Mary Power

The list of projects is maintained by the DRA department in the WMO Secretariat. Please send an email to the CPDB service desk about updates to the list of projects