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28 October - 1 November 2013
GLOSS-GE-13: Thirteenth Session of the GLOSS Group of Experts and 80-year Anniversary Workshop for PSMSL
Liverpool, United Kingdom
July 2013
OCG-5: Fifth Session of the JCOMM Observations Coordination Group
15-23 May 2013
EC-65: 65th Session of the WMO Executive Council
Geneva, Switzerland


22-26 April 2013
SOT-7: The seventh session of Ship Observation Team
Victoria, Canada
3-6 April 2013
ETWCH-4: The fourth meeting of the Expert Team on Waves and Coastal Hazards Forecasting Systems
Paris, France
25-29 March 2013
ETOOFS-4: 4th session of the Expert Team for Operational Ocean Forecast Systems
Silver Spring, United States
4-6 March 2013
SCG-7: 7th session of the Services and Forecast Systems Program Area Coordination Group
27th February- 2nd March 2013
ETMSS-4: The forth session of Expert Team on the Maritime Safety Services
Tokyo, Japan
18-21 February 2013
CIFDP-FSW: Stakeholders Workshop for WMO Coastal Inundation Forecasting Demonstration Project
Nadi, Fiji
11-15 February 2013
WMO/CLIOTOP Workshop on Climate and Fisheries
Numea, New Caledonia


5-7 December 2012
RMIC2-RA2: Second JCOMM Marine Instrument Workshop for ASIA-PACIFIC
Tianjin, China
26-28 November 2012
ETMC-4The fourth meeting of the Expert Team on Marine Climatology
Ostend, Belgium
19-21 November 2012
DBCP-CB-Asia1: In-Region Capacity Development Workshop for Asian countries
Chennai, India
19-23 November 2012
SSW-8: The Eighth Workshop on Storm Surge and Wave Forecasting
Naiorobi, Kenya
22-26 October 2012
13th meeting of the International Ice Charting Working Group
Tromso, Norway
16-19 October 2012
ETDMP-III: Third Session of the JCOMM/IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices
Ostend, Belgium
8-10 October 2012
JTA-32: Thirty Second Session of the Argos Joint Tariff Agreement
Perth, Australia
2-6 October 2012
DBCP-28: 28th session of the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel
Freemantle, Australia
23-31 May 2012
JCOMM-IV: Fourth Session of the Joint WMO-IOC Technical Commission for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology(JCOMM)
Yeosu, Rep. of Korea
15-19 May 2012
Second International Symposium on the Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans
Yeosu, Rep. of Korea
16-20 April 2012
DBCP-WIO3: Third In-Region Capacity Development Workshop of the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel for countries of the Western Indian Ocean
Mombassa, Kenya
23-27 April 2012
Preparatory workshop for an International Forum of Users of Satellite Data Telecommunication Systems
Toulouse, France
5-7 March 2012
Workshop on the JCOMM/IODE Ocean Data Standards Pilot Project
Ostend, Belgium


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