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JCOMM Groups, Teams, Panels and Focal Points

(last updated 8 December, 2014 )

The lists of members of each group, team, panel or focal point group can be found below.


Management Committee web
Chairmen (.pdf)
JCOMM Focal Points (.pdf)

Services Programme Area

Services Coordination Group web
Expert Team on Operational Ocean Forecast Systems web
Expert Team on Maritime Safety Services web
Expert Team on Sea Ice web
Expert Team on Wind Waves and Storm Surges web
GMDSS Marine Broadcast System National Contact Points web

Observations Programme Area

Observations Coordination Group web
Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP)  
DBCP Executive Board web
National Focal Points for buoy programmes NFP-logistics
National Focal Points for logistical facilities web
DBCP Task Team on Data Management web
DBCP Task Team on Instrument Best Practices and Drifter Technology Development web
DBCP Task Team on Moored Buoys web
DBCP Task Team on Capacity Development web
GLOSS Group of Experts GLOSS-GE
Ship Observations Team (SOT)  
Ship Observations Team (Chairperson, Panel Chairs, Technical Coord.) web
Ship Observations Team (SOT) Focal Points web
Voluntary Observing Ship (VOS) Focal Points web
VOS Climate Project (VOSClim) Focal Points web
Automated Shipboard Aerological Programme (ASAP) Focal Points web
Ships-of-Opportunity Programme Implementation Panel (SOOPIP) web
SOT Advisory Group on Coding web
Task Team on Metadata for WMO-No. 47 web
Task Team on Satellite Communications System web
Task Team on VOS Recruitment and Programme Promotion web
Task on Instruments Standards web
Task Team on the VOS Climate Implementation


Task Team on Call Sign masking and encoding
Task Team on the ASAP
Port Meteorological Officers - Useful Contacts web
Argo Profiling Floats Focal Points (AIC list)

Data Management Programme Area

Data Management Coordination Group web
IODE Expert Team on Data Management Practices (ETDMP) web
Expert Team on Marine Climatology (ETMC) web
Task Team on Delayed Mode VOS data (TT-DMVOS) web
Task Team on Marine-meteorological and Oceanographic Climatological Summaries (TT-MOCS) web
Task Team on Table Driven Codes web

Cross cutting activities

Cross-cutting Team on Satellite Data Requirements web
Capacity-Building Rapporteurs web

Other activities

Argos Joint Tariff Agreement (JTA): List of Representatives of Countries (ROCs)


WMO Secretariat





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