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Pre-CAS-XV Web Consultation

L. Barrie, Director of Research


Authors submitted vision papers to be posted for public comment prior to the fifteenth quadrennial session of the WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences (CAS-XV) in Incheon City (near Seoul), Republic of Korea, 18-25 November 2009. CAS-XV will be preceded by a Technical Conference, 16-17 November 2009, entitled “Environmental Prediction in the Next Decade: Weather, Climate, Water and the Air We Breathe.  See for details.

CAS advises and guides WMO and its 188 Member countries on programmes, projects and activities that are of high relevance in addressing issues of great societal benefit related to weather, climate, water and the environment.  WMO and CAS solicit comments to be sent by email to  In replying, please indicate as “subject” the CAS-XV agenda item (see left column of table below).

Comments will be summarized by responsible WMO officers (right column) and made available for the above-mentioned pre-CAS technical conference and for agenda item 8 of the CAS-XV meeting.

CAS-XV Agenda item

Web-based Discussion/Vision Paper
for comment before
CAS-XV, Seoul, Republic of Korea,
18-25 November 2009


Responsible For Summarizing Pre-Session Comments

8.1 Priorities in Strengthening and Promoting Linkages between Climate, Weather, Water and Environmental Prediction Research and Services M. Béland, J.Mitchell,
L. Barrie,
G. Asrar
L. Barrie,
G. Asrar
8.2 The Next Generation of Regional Prediction Systems For Weather, Water And Environmental Applications D. Parsons, G.Brunet,
G. Adrian,
G. Onvlee,
T. Keenan
D. Parsons
8.3 The Lead Role of WMO in Global Partnerships for Air Quality/Environmental Forecasting and Tracking Carbon Dioxide and Other Greenhouse Gases Ø. Hov,
J. Butler,
G. Carmichael

L. Jalkanen

8.4 Advancing Weather, Ice and Environmental Predictions in The Polar Regions: An IPY Legacy D Carlson,
T E Nordeng,
J E Kristjansson
L. Barrie,
D. Parsons
8.5 Ocean Prediction Issues Related To Weather And Climate Prediction G.Brassington D. Parsons





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