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Research will focus on the choices of information content, language, format and media channels used, spatial and temporal precision, timeliness and context that together determine whether forecasts & warnings will be received, trusted, understood and acted on. A catalogue of post-event reviews will be developed, together with regular surveys and workshops involving weather services, private sector meteorologists and key user groups. This will be used to assess high impact weather communication methods and their transferability, leading to a published review paper. This initial work will inform subsequent activities in developing communication methodologies and monitoring responses. Identifying and sharing best practice will be a recurrent activity for this theme. New capability will be evaluated in Forecast Demonstration Projects and success stories shared. Workshops and special sessions at conferences will be convened and a journal special issue is planned to attract social scientists to contribute in this field.



Sally Potter, GNS Science, New Zealand
Shannon Panchuk, BoM, Australia,


Interim leads:

Linda Anderson-Berry, BoM, Australia
Kiernan McGill,
David Johnston, Massey University, New Zealand
Abi Beatson, Massey University, New Zealand



Greg Carbin, NOAA, USA
Melanie Harrowsmith, MetOffice, UK
Julie Demuth, NCAR, USA
Burrell Montz, East Carolina University, USA
Amber Silver, University of Waterloo, Canada
Rutger Dankers, MetOffice, UK
Andrea Taylor, University of Leeds, UK
Thomas Kox, FU Berlin, Germany
Alasdair Hainsworth, DRR Programme, WMO





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