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User-Oriented Evaluation

The User-Oriented Evaluation Task Team develops and promotes best practice in measuring the effectiveness and improvements in all links of the information “value chain” that links accurate weather information, forecast provision in an appropriate form for a potential user, timely access to that information, understanding of the information, and ability to make use of it and respond appropriately to achieve socio-economic benefits. Evaluation research in the HIWeather project will address new challenges in measuring forecast quality and value, including the accuracy of weather and hazard predictions, the decision-making value of warnings, and the final benefit of forecast applications as measured in social, economic, and environmental terms.



Beth Ebert, BoM, Australia



Barbara Brown, NCAR, USA
Julia Chasco, SMN, Argentina
Jing Chen, CMA, China
Manfred Dorninger, University of Vienna, Austria
Martin Göber, DWD, Germany
Marion Mittermaier, MetOffice, UK
Pertti Nurmi, FMI, Finnland
Anna Scolobig, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Helen Titley, MetOffice, UK





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