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Nowcasting Working Group Meeting

(Geneva, 8-10 February 2011)






Nowcasting Report on Satellites and Lightning
S. Goodman

Nowcasting in Mountain Areas
T. Haiden, G. Pistotnik, A. Kann, B. Bica

Working Group on Nowcasting Research - A brief introduction
P. Joe

Nowcasting in Canada and little bit more
P. Joe

Legacy, Review of WGNR Activities
T. Keenan

EUMETSAT Activities
M. Koenig

Nowcasting Activities at the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) Services and Techniques Development
Ping-Wah Peter Li

Nowcasting Working Group Research - WMO Research Department
S. Nickovic

Extreme Events of Precipitation in Sao Paulo City and Rio de Janeiro City in 2010- Challenge in Nowcasting
A. Pereira, R. Hallak, F. Vemado, K. Rocha

Short Term Ensemble Prediction System
A. Seed

VDRAS and 0-6 hour NWP - Recent activities
J. Sun

Video 1
J. Sun

Video 2
J. Sun

Nowcasting Trends - Past and Future
J. Wilson

Mobile Weather Alert - Uganda Pilot
T. Butcher and M. Power

Severe Weather Forecasting Demonstration Project (SWFDP)
P. Chen

B. Ebert

Review of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo Nowcasting Service (WENS) Demonstration Project
Dai Jianhua

Public Weather Services and Nowcasting
H. Kootval

Nowcasting in Viet Nam
Hoang Phuc Lam

Finnish Met Inst in Viet Nam

Nowcasting Activities in CMA
Jianjie Wang

INCA-CE - Improved Weather Forecasting for Central Europe
T. Haiden

Forecast Systems/THORPEX DAOS
T. Keenan

Plans for "Sochi-2014" Olympic and Paralimpic Games (February 8-23 and March 7-16 2014)
D. Kiktev

Nowcasting Development and Users - Need in Aviation
Ping-Wah Peter Li

WG-MWFR activities
J. Onvlee

Workshop on Use of NWP in Support of Nowcasting
T. Keenan, J. Sun, J. Onvlee

B08FDP Training
J. Wang

Science of Nowcasting Winter Weather for Vancouver 2010 (SNOW-10)
G. Isaac

WMO Symposium on Nowcasting and Very-Short Range Forecasting 2009 (WSN-09)
(Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, 30 August - 4 September 2009)

P. Joe







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