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A WWRP, THORPEX, WCRP Polar Prediction Worshop "A THORPEX Contribution to the Improvement of Polar Predictions on Weather to Seasonal Timescales
(OSLO, Norway, 6 to 8 October 2010)



Thor Erik Nordeng

Scientific Challenges: Arctic
David H. Bromwich and Keith M. Hines

Polar Prediction - The Scientific Challenges - Antarctica
John Turner

Improving Forecasts in Polar Regions: Programmatic Activities (research & operations) in Canada
Ayrton Zadra

Polar Prediction Services provided by the Bureau of Meteorology in Support of the Australian Antarctic program.
Neil Adams

Antarctic Weather Prediction Activities - USA
Jordan G. Powers

Russian Activities in Polar Studies related to Weather Forecasting

Polar NWP - Norwegian activities
Jón Egill Kristjánsson,Thor Erik Nordeng, Jørn Kristiansen, Trond Iversen, Øyvind Sætra, Morten Ø. Køltzow, Bjørn Egil K. Nygaard, Emma Irvine

NCEP Polar Prediction Activities and Science Challenges
David Novak , Joseph Sienkiewicz

Autonomous Polar Atmospheric Observations
John J. Cassano

Polar Predictability Results from the  Greenland Flow Distortion Experiment
Ian Renfrew, Emma Irvine,  Nina Petersen, Stephen Outten, Kent Moore

The Concordiasi Project
Florence Rabier and Eric Brun

Coupled Modelling - snow
Patrick Samuelsson

Coupled Modelling – ocean and sea ice (from a climate perspective)
Helge Drange

Physical Processes PBL (and clouds)
Thorsten Mauritsen

Free Atmosphere Processes
Keith M. Hines and David H. Bromwich

Orographic Processes
Andrew Orr

Physical Processes – Sea ice and Ocean
Greg Smith

Global Data Assimilation
Dale Barker

An Atmosphere-Ice-Ocean Reanalysis of the Arctic for the IPY
Lars Axell and Per Kållberg

Arctic Observing System for Regional NWP
Harald Schyberg, Frank Thomas Tveter, Roger Randriamampianina, Trygve Aspelien

Polar Research within the World Climate Research Programme
Vladimir Ryabinin

WMO Executive Council Panel of Experts on Polar Observations, Research and Services (EC-PORS)
Barry Goodison

Research Priorities
Smith Zadra

An International Polar Prediction Project
Gilbert Brunet

CAS New Projects
David Burridge






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