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Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, QJRMS, Vol. 134, Part A, 69-91). The Extratropical Transition (ET) of tropical cyclones often leads to a pronounced drop in forecast skill that even appears in the hemispheric average. The mechanism for how the ET process impacts the downstream flow was recently illustrated in a paper by Reimer et al. (2008). The ET component of T-PARC provides an opportunity to further investigate this subject.

QJRMS by Kelly et al., Buizza et al., and Cardinali et al. (2007) (pages 1803 - 1842). The paper is relevant to efforts to improve the design of the global observing system and provides results to be considered for future THORPEX field campaigns such as T-PARC.

Journal of Atmospheric Science (2007, pp 969-982) Zhou et al. describes a physical inversion scheme using cloud and cloud-free radiance observed with ultraspectral infrared sounders to simultaneously retrieve surface atmospheric thermodynamic and cloud microphysical parameters. The study uses data from THORPEX A-TREC experiment.










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