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  1. Advise the JSC and CAS on progress in atmospheric modelling

  2. Review the development of atmospheric models for use in weather prediction and climate studies on all scales, including the diagnosis of shortcomings

  3. Propose numerical experiments aiming to refine numerical techniques and the formulation of atmospheric physics processes, boundary layer processes and land surface processes in models

  4. Design and promote co-ordinated experiments for:
    • validating model results against observed  atmospheric properties and variations;
    • exploring the intrinsic and forced variability and predictability of the general circulation of the atmosphere on short to extended ranges;
    • assessing the intrinsic and forced variability of the atmosphere on climate time-scales

  5. Promote the development of data assimilation methods for application to numerical weather and climate predictions, and for the estimation of derived climatological quantities

  6. Promote the development of new methods for numerical weather prediction and climate simulation

  7. Maintain scientific liaison with other WCRP and CAS groups as appropriate

  8. Promote the timely exchange of information, data and new knowledge on atmospheric modelling through publications, workshops and meetings.









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