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WMO Joint WG Nowcasting Research and WG Mesoscale Weather Forecasting Research Workshop on the use of NWP for Nowcasting
(Boulder, CO, 24-26 October 2011)









What is Nowcasting ?
P. Joe and J. Onvlee

WRF Simulation of Lightning Threat (file exceeds the size limiit)
S. J. Goodman, E. W. McCaul, Jr., J. L. Case, S. R. Dembek, F. Kong

Challenges of Nowcasting
G. A. Isaac, M. Bailey, F. Boudala, S. Cober, R. Crawford, I. Heckman, L. Huang, P. Joe J. Mailhot, J. Milbrandt, J. Reid

Skill of Nowcasting of Precipitation by NWP and by Lagrangian Persistence

Nowcasting Experience and Challenges in Hong Kong (file exceeds the size limit)
Ping-Wah Peter LI

Nowcasting and Short-range Forecast Systems in Social Experiments on Extreme Weather Resilient Cities in Tokyo Metropolitan area
S. Shimizu, A. Kato, T. Maesaka, T. Kobayashi, R. Misumi, S. Suzuki, K. Saito, M. Maki

S. Shimizu

Nowcasting strategies : Rapid analysis refresh and high resolution modelling
L. Auger , P. Brousseau, O. Dupont

Strategies for improved 1-12h NWP for NOAA in the 13km Rapid Refresh and the 3km HRRR (file exceeds the size limit)
S. Benjamin, S. Weygandt, C. Alexander, Ming Hu, T. Smirnova, J. Brown, D. Dowell, J. Olson, P. Hofmann, E. James, G. Grell

Diagnosis of very short range forecast errors with the ALADIN limited area model
G. Bölöni

Overview of Current Mesoscale NWP Capabilities for 0-6Hour Forecast
(at CAPS)
(file exceeds the size limit)
Ming Xue

Major Physical Processes that Influence the Forecast Accuracy for the Very Short Term
J. Dudhia

Met Office Experiences with Convection Permitting Models
H. Lean

Nowcasting and Short Range NWP at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology
P. Steinle, A. Seed

Challenges in Operational Nowcasting in Beijing
Jianjie Wang, Mingxuan Chen

The development of GRAPES_RAFS and its applications
Xu Zhifang,  Hao Min , Zhu Lijuan, Gong Jiangdong, Chen Dehui, Wan Qilin

Evaluation of the 3-km High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) as Nowcast Guidance
C. Alexander, S. Weygandt, S. Benjamin, D. Dowell, E. James, P. Hofmann,
T. Smirnova, Ming Hu, J. Brown

Application of Cloud Analysis in GRAPES_RAFS
Lijuan Zhu, Dehui Chen, Zechun Li, Liping Liu, Zhifang Xu, Ruixia Liu

Indirect Use of NWP in Nowcasting
Yong Wang

Ingredients to improve rainfall forecast in very short-range: Diabatic initialization and microphysics
Eunha Lim, Yong-Hee Lee, Jong-Chul Ha

Improvement of Dynamic Balance for a LAPS/STMAS HotstartAnalysis for Short-range Forecast
Yuanfu Xie, S. Albers, Hongli Jiang, P. Schultz, Z. Toth

Development of NWP-based Nowcasting at the Met Office -The Nowcasting Demonstration Project
S. P Ballard, Zhihong Li, D. Simonin, J-F. Caron, C. Charlton-Perez, N. Gaussiat, L. Hawkness-Smith, H. Buttery, K. Graeme, R. Tubbs, Dingmin Li, H Lean, E Carter, N. Roberts

Development of a Convective Scale Ensemble Kalman Filter at Environment Canada
L. Fillion, Kao-Shen Chung, M. Tanguay, Weiguang Chang

Development of Data Assimilation Systems for Short-Term Numerical Weather Prediction at JMA
T. Fujita, Y. Honda, Y. Ikuta, J. Fukuda, Y. Ishikawa, K. Yoshimoto

Development of convective-scale data assimilation techniques for 0-12h high impact weather forecasting
Juanzhen Sun

Data Assimilation Strategies for Operational NWP at Meso-scale and Implication for Nowcasting
T. Montmerle

Towards Rapid Update Cycling for Short Range NWP Forecasts in the HIRLAM Community
M. Lindskog, S. de Haan, S. van der Veen, S. Thorsteinsson, Shiyu Zhuang, T. Landelius, K. Pagh Nielsen

Data Assimilation for Very Short-Range Forecasting in COSMO
C. Schraff

Meso- and storm-scale assimilation to improve very-short-term forcatss of hazardous weather in the RUC, Rapid Refresh and HRRR models
S. Weygandt, C. Alexander, S. Benjamin, D. Dowell, Ming Hu, T. Smirnova, P. Hofmann, E. James, Haidao Lin, J. Brown

Evaluation of Convective Storm Initiation Nowcasts and Forecaster Involvement
R. Roberts, A. Anderson, B. Brown

Completing the Forecast—Bridging Weather Predictions to User Applications
M. Steiner

Verification of nowcasting products: Issues and methods
B. Brown

WMO NWP Wokshop: Blending Breakout
P. Joe

DA needs for nowcasting

Modeling Group
J. Onvlee







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