Sample template for NMS Strategic Plan

1. The Vision
(a statement about how the NMS is seen in the world and the benefit or outcome for the nation - the “why” of the NMS).

2. The Mission

i. National needs/plans (the major national issues that are impacted by the NMS)

ii. Legal obligations (any legislation setting out the functions and powers of the NMS)

iii. International obligations (WMO Convention and other relevant international/regional commitments)

iv. The Role and Functions of the NMS (brief statement of the role of the NMS and its key functions)

3. Analysis of the major international, national, stakeholder, and internal issues (a brief analysis of factors in the external environment that could impact on the NMS. This would include international factors, national factors such as the economy and government policy, and factors affecting weather and climate sensitive sectors)

4. The Desired Situation (or Outcomes)
(a statement of the position the NMS can realistically aspire to by the end of the planning period including the outcomes in relation to meeting needs of the nation and stakeholders)

5. The Current Position
(A brief summary of the existing situation for the NMS. How it is performing in carrying out its role. Internally it might list factors such as numbers and capabilities of staff, technical equipment and other infrastructure, and financial resources)

6. The Gap Analysis
(identification and brief discussion of the differences between the desired position and the present)

7. The SWOT Analysis
(from the consideration of the previous four sections points displayed in a 2x2 matrix of the Strengths and Weaknesses, and the Opportunities and Threats for the NMS)

8. Goals, Strategies and Actions
(the setting of major goals and outlining the strategies and specific actions to achieve them)

9. Resources
a broad outline of the financial, staff and technical resources to implement the plan. See later sections on workforce and financial planning)

10. Performance Measurement, Monitoring & Review
(this section identifies the key measures of performance, how progress will be monitored and, when and how the plan will be reviewed. See also the section below concerning performance setting and reporting)