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2nd Meeting of the Coordinating Group of the RA II Pilot Project to Develop Support for NMHSs in Satellite Data, Products and Training


Jeju, Republic of Korea, 8 October 2012


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1. Opening

  1.1 Welcome address (KMA)
  1.2 Opening address (Mr Lafeuille, WMOSP)
  1.3 Adoption of agenda
  1.4 Working arrangements

2. Overall status of RA II PP to develop support for NMHSs in satellite data, productand training (RAII PP Sat)

  2.1 Introduction to RA II Pilot on satellite (JMA)
  2.2 Accomplishment (JMA, KMA)
  2.3 The WMO Space Programme (WMOSP)
  2.4 Support for WMO Regional Association II (Asia) (WMORO)

3. RA II Product Portal and WMOSP Product Access Guide 

  3.1 RA II Product Portal (JMA)
  3.2 WMO SP ProductAccess Guide (WMOSP)

4. Results of RA II User Survey and WMOSP User Survey (RA II extract)

  4.1 RA II User Survey (JMA)
  4.2 WMOSP User Survey (WMOSP)

5. RA II PP SAT actions related to the procedure for regional satellite data access requirements

  5.1 CBS procedure for data/product access requirements(WMOSP)

6. Cascading satellite-derived information to recipient members

  6.1 Satellite Operators

  6.2 NMHSs
       - Hong Kong, China; Kyrgyz Republic; Maldives; Pakistan; Bahrain; Uzbekistan; Viet Nam

7. Implementation and discussion of fourth-phase of the pilot project

8. Discussion of the continuation of the PP by agreement of the 15th session of WMO Regional Association II (XV-RA II)

  8.1 Introduction to WIGOS activities (WMORO)

9. Closing


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