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Regional Programme

The overall objective of the Regional Programme (RP) is to ensure the efficient and effective functioning of the six Regional Associations of the Organization in coordinating meteorological, hydrological, climatological and related activities of their Members. The RP provides a framework for regional cooperation in the implementation of the WMO strategies, policies and programmes taking into account regional requirements, capacities and priorities.

The WMO Secretariat regional structure is composed of the following Offices:

The Regional structure is supplemented by related WMO Offices in the Regions as follows:

  • RAF:
    • WMO Office for North, Central and West Africa (Abuja, Nigeria - UN House), and
    • WMO Office for Eastern and Southern Africa (Nairobi, Kenya);
  • RAP:
    • WMO Office for West Asia (Manama, Bahrain - UN House), and
    • WMO Office for South-West Pacific (Apia, Samoa - SPREP REGIONAL ORGANIZATION);
    • Haiti Project Office - UN HOUSE
  • RAM:
    • WMO Office for North America, Central America and the Caribbean (San Jose, Costa Rica)
    • WMO Office for South America (Asuncion, Paraguay - METEO SERVICE)
    • Mexico Project Office (Mexico City - METEO SERVICE)

The Mission of the Regional Offices:

  • Assist Members in their respective Regions to develop their national Meteorological or Hydrometeorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) to enable them to play their full role in the economic and social development of their countries as well as in any new high priority areas of the Organization;
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of the WMO Regional Programme and to assist the relevant Departments of the WMO Secretariat in discharging their responsibilities related to regional activities;
  • Promote and advise Members on any new high-priority activities of the Organization such as those emanating from the follow-up to UNCED and other relevant global and regional Conferences;
  • Liaise with bodies and agencies of the UN system located within the respective Regions and with regional inter-governmental bodies.

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