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VCP Coordinated (VCP-ES)

The VCP Coordinated Equipment and Services Programme (VCP-ES) is supported through WMO Members with direct support from country to country or through the WMO, based on requests from recipient countries for assistance in various fields of meteorology and operational hydrology. Contributions may take the form of direct financial contributions and/or offers of equipment and services including training and fellowships.

Under the VCP-ES, Members are invited to submit official requests for assistance. After review of the request in the WMO Secretariat, a consolidated list of requests is circulated among Member countries. Donor Members decide what support will be provided, and either make the arrangements directly with the recipient country or with the facilitation of WMO. The WMO Secretariat, upon notification of support, assists as required and also arranges for the agreement between the donor's Government and the recipient's Government.




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