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Voluntary Cooperation Programme

In 1967, WMO set up the Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP) to encourage support and collaboration between the National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) of its currently 189 Member countries. The VCP focuses on meeting the needs of Members through direct financing, and / or transfer of expertise and technology between Members. Since its inception, the programme has been successful in providing significant support to mainly developing and least developed countries. Its success is due largely to the willingness of WMO Members to share scientific knowledge and the latest technological advances. While the donor countries provide equipment, fellowships, expertise and financing, the recipient countries ensure their effective use by providing considerable counterpart contributions from national resources, such as local infrastructure, staffing and operational costs. WMO is striving to expand this network by creating more linkages among NMHSs, bringing more members into the programme and therefore strengthening the spirit of cooperation and friendship.


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