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Flood Forecasting Initiative


Improve the capacity of meteorological and hydrological services to jointly deliver timely and more accurate products and services required in flood forecasting and warning and in collaborating with disaster managers, active in flood emergency preparedness and response, as stated in Resolution 21 (Cg-XV) Strategy for the Enhancement of Cooperation Between National Meteorological and National Hydrological Services for Improved Flood Forecasting.

Expected results

  1. Improved quantitative and qualitative weather forecasting products are available in such a way that these can be directly used for flood forecasting;
  2. Medium-range weather forecasting and climate prediction tools can be applied to extend warning times and produce pre-warning information;
  3. NMHSs have improved their capacity to cooperate to jointly deliver timely and accurate flood forecasting information;
  4. Integrated weather, climate and hydrological forecasting information are available in a relevant format for use by civil organizations responsible for disaster preparedness and mitigation.
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WMO Flood Forecasting Initiative Advisory Group Meetings

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