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Programme on Capacity Building in Hydrology and Water Resources Management (CBH)

The main objective of the Programme on Capacity Building in Hydrology and Water Resources Management (CBH) is to facilitate the rational development and operation of NHSs, including staff education and training, increased public awareness of the importance of hydrologicalactivities, and provision of support through technical cooperation activities. CBH aim, whose implementation cross-cuts with that of BSH and HFW programmes, is to provide guidance material to assist NHSs in implementing institutional improvements, to build their capacity to assess the economic and social benefits of the services they provide and to plan, organize and operate of their activities. The implementation of training events by the various regional WHYCOS components is also used to enhance NHSs staff skills and strengthen cooperation among countries in the field of operational hydrology.

CBH facilitates the development, testing and exchange of hydrological technology (computer software, instrumentation, and technical and general manuals). This activity includes the development and deployment of new technology, and promotes the development and strengthening of the network of HOMS National Reference Centres (HNRCs) particularly in developing countries, and the use of state-of-the-art technologies through HOMS.

In close coordination with ETRP, and in accordance with the WMO Strategy on Education and Training in Hydrology and Water Resources, the systematic review of staff and training needs within NHSs is taken up, the gaps detected and filled either directly or through resource mobilization activities, and advice and support provided for the development of suitable curricula and courses. Advice and support is provided to Members organizing national, regional or international courses, in line with the need for enhanced training in hydrology, through WMO Regional Training Centres.

For more details on the plans for the implementation of CBH Programme see WMO Secretariat Operating Plan, p. 32





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