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Commission for Climatology (CCl)

Vision Statement

“To provide world leadership in promoting expertise and international cooperation in climatology.”

Mission Statement

“To stimulate, lead, implement, assess and coordinate international technical activities within WMO under the World Climate Programme and the Global Framework for Climate Services to obtain and apply climate information and knowledge in support of sustainable socio-economic development and environmental protection.”

The Commission for Climatology advises and guides the activities of the World Climate Programme, particularly through the World Climate Services Programme including Climate Applications and Services and Climate Data and Monitoring.

The Commission also plays a key role in implementation of the  Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS).

Organizational Structure

CCl-17 Structure (2018-2022)

CCl-XVI Structure (2014-2018)


Circular letters

The President of the Commission for Climatology periodically issues cirular letters describing current activities and future perspectives for CCl Members




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